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The Absolute Sandman, Volume One by Neil Gaiman
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Mar 12, 2010

it was amazing
bookshelves: graphic-novel
Recommended for: Mythology and Darkness fans

First, I must say that I think this book is the very essence of the writer. This book is ever bit as dark and sardonic as a Scorpio would write it. Plus, the Sandman/Morpheus/Dream is drawn in such a way that mimics the likeness of Gaiman.

Having read through the book, I have to say that I enjoyed the fact that it made you think - it was not offered in a plate - not straightforward by any means - I even got through some parts without knowing which character is which - it just starts off like a movie - unknown shady character that is coloured and illustrated upon later on, if you're lucky. I like how undeveloped characters from the front are brought to the later comics again, giving an 'aha!' or 'hey that looks familiar' moment. A false epiphany, but its always great to have one evoked for you.

In fact, I think Dream and Death are both Scorpios - and Gaiman illustrated their personalities very well. Very well, indeed. I consider it epic because alot of mythology is digested and applied - with a new blueprint on it. Though I saw some Harry Potter likeness or summat (Lucien - Lucius, anyone?).

In fact, I think this book is excellent rumination before bedtime. It preps you up for sleep like a strong shot of tranquiliser. You just imagine you're there, and the dreamtime is pulling you into a vortex of death-like grasp - except it's Neptunian - that means a foggy foggy trippy mental whirl.

I think this comic is extremely sexual - like death and sex go together, this is a winning combination. There's just no other book like this - because no one is so willing and able to have themselves put on display as a comic book!

The chapter I dislike, unfortunately, is the one on Shakesperean parody. It's not even a parody, TBH. Shakespere is light; Gaiman is dark. You can't mix it an expect a smooth combination. It didn't work to well, for me. I enjoy Gaiman's darkness; it didn't work well being interwoven into Shakepeare's play.

Also, right at the end, I felt it taper off - the characters were no longer those from the previous chapters - the tightly woven thread-plot was unspun - would've liked it to be a train of thought, not a restart from a trainwreck sorta.

But I still like it though, very muchly, and am grateful there are 3 more absolute versions to pour over. This is just the beginning! Plus, I need to get back to the previous chapters o'er here too!

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March 12, 2010 –
page 15
2.45% "Hmm, death. So 8th house.. not sure if I'll enjoy it. This is just the beginning yet.."
March 13, 2010 –
page 110
17.97% "Never got bred, but confused, yes. Needed to turn back to understan how and what the story unfolds from and towards."
March 13, 2010 –
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March 14, 2010 –
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41.83% "I am in love with the Sandman book. So 8th house - Sandman looks like Gaiman! And I adore the ribbon bookmark!"
March 14, 2010 –
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43.46% "So Lucien reminds me of Lucius in HP. So does the dragoon. Woop. Hmmmrh"
March 14, 2010 –
page 310
50.65% "So I had to read some chapters 3rice to understand them. Theyre so confusing and new characters pop up unannounced. So intrigued."
March 14, 2010 –
page 324
52.94% "My head is spinning. Interconnected morphoses from the front, middle and back. Dreams be Death's younger bro, older bro to Death & Despair?"
March 15, 2010 –
page 331
March 15, 2010 –
page 400
65.36% "All one big 8th house interwoven dream...."
March 15, 2010 –
page 452
73.86% "I felt my mind spin into an intense vortex of dreams. Epiphanically spiralling into the dreamtime."
March 16, 2010 –
page 498
81.37% "nevermind worldly acheivements. to get through an epic book like this is an achievement. Eh, Dreamsss?"
March 17, 2010 –
page 552
90.2% "I've finished and am now at his proposals. It gives a certain depth and understanding that I appreciate, or would'v missd from the quagmire"
March 17, 2010 – Shelved as: graphic-novel
March 17, 2010 – Finished Reading

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