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really liked it

I am following the Facebook page for the movie they're trying to make. (Edward Lee's The Bighead - The Movie)
The more I read, the more convinced I became - convinced that the film cannot be done! At least, not in regards to the book!
This graphic sex, rape, bodily fluid, and scat filled book was enough to literally make me nauseous - almost losing the battle once or twice!
If you haven't read the book, then the movie might turn out to be one of the best horror / torture porn movies since the original HOSTEL. But, movie goers who did did read the book first - they'll be expecting #MurderPorn, and nothing short of Bighead's descriptive culinary experiences will abide. It's a lose/lose for director Michael Lee. As for the fans - it's hard to say...
I've read a lot of stories from Ed Lee, (I'm on an extreme horror / splatterpunk binge), and I am always looking forward to starting something by him that ALL my friends have read -but I wasn't prepared to dwell into the places that The Bighead considered home!
I did enjoy reading this, in spite of Lee's over-the-top-ness!
Because it IS Ed Lee, there is a very good story here - underneath the poo and fluids. I could picture The Bighead as being real, and the rednecks could be real, too. So, there is a piece of the ending that I'd have preferred to be more realistic, but that's just me.
I think the 5th star would have made it, if the poo hadn't been there!
P, L, & N
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33.0% "You know I'm always in the middle of multiple books. I started Bighead this morning as my 'at work' book. \n I'm only at 33% and got sicked out more than once already. Actually, on my way to work this morning - I got nauseous, and stopped to take a drink of my Amp... almost puked. \n Love everything about this - except for the very descriptive consumption of... stuff."
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David Church One of my top 5 most disturbing friend Michael Ling is trying to make this into a movie. He has already filmed a 20 minute short movie to raise funds for it. He is currently showing it at some horror conventions. The one I went to about 20 people got up and walked out during the opening rape scene.

Shadow Girl I'm a fan on the Facebook page for the movie, but kind of avoided reading anything too closely - I wanted to read it first. NOW, I'm wondering how it's even possible! Even if Michael Ling reels the violence in by 50% - there's no way that the movie can be released with a MPAA rating of less than X. How did you feel about the film short?

David Church Well the film short did make me want more, it was just a section out of the book, I don't want to give up to much away.....I will see about getting you a copy

Shadow Girl That would be awesome, David - tell him that if he wants me to post trailers, or posts about 'Coming Soon' -
my blog isn't famous or anything, but I'd be happy to help.
So... tell me the other four books on your list of top 5 most disturbing - want to see if I've read them yet :)

David Church The Bighead - Edward Lee
The House - Edward Lee (the novella combo contains the Pig & The House)
Book of One Thousand Sins - Wrath James White
Survivor JF Gonzalez
The Summer I Died - Ryan Thomas
The Girl Next Door - Jack Ketchum

How about your top 5?

Shadow Girl Oh...this rocks!
I haven't read The House, but I have it & will read it soon.
I loved SURVIVOR - the story line was great, it had twists - and was twisted! I love the movie 8MM, and SURVIVOR is like 8MM on meth!
THE SUMMER I DIED - another excellent choice! Skinny Man is a great bad guy, and the fact that he STAYS only 'Skinny Man' was a brilliant choice for Ryan C Thomas to make - for 3 reasons... 1- He's a creepier character when we don't know why he's such a deranged lunatic. 2 - It didn't pad the book with back story and fluff that wasn't needed at the time, and 3 - If Ryan wants to go back and write a prequel, make it a trilogy, he can... PLUS.. sales for a WHO IS SKINNY MAN? type of book would SKYROCKET once the movie comes out!! Speaking of the movie... Bill Freaking Mosley?! OMG! PERFECT casting choice, I cannot WAIT!! What are your feelings on book 2?
I haven't read the WJW book - yet. But I will!
THE GIRL NEXT DOOR is... well... disturbing... I've seen a couple different movies on the case, too, but - they're nothing compared to Ketchum's telling of the events. I especially liked how it was written in first person, and the beginning, how it's like a message to Ruth.
I'm going to stick with those three, and add LET'S GO PLAY AT THE ADAMS' and the other will be something by Matt Shaw... I just can't decide which story to go with! Let me think on that.

David Church wow...most people haven't read any of these. Definitely checkout Wrath James White! Some brutal stuff from him. I had mixed feelings about the sequel to the Summer I will have to check out my review...but I am stoked about the movie coming out!!!
I still haven't read Let's go Play at the Adams but it is on my list.

Now that you know my tastes keep sending recommendations my way!

Shadow Girl Thanks, Horace :)

I got to talk to Michael Ling a couple times, and I was JUST trying to find his contact info a couple days ago - swear to Dog, that's weird :o

David - BTW... The Pig/The House is my absolute favorite Lee book now.

Kevin I loved the Bighead when I read it. The Pig and the House are faves of mine too

Shadow Girl We are all some pretty sick puppies! hahaha

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