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it was ok

Pointe looked like a great book.. but unfortunately, it wasn't.

I didn't really like Theo.
She really annoyed me when she said she didn't want to be "that kind of girl" but then thought it was okay to go around kissing other peoples boyfriends.
I didn't get why she thought smoking and drinking would be a good idea when she wanted to do ballet. I've read a few books where the main character wanted to do ballet professionally, and they've all said that they needed a high lung capacity... so why did Theo pollute her lungs?!

Throughout the whole book i kept thinking "When will we meet Donovan?" He was mentioned quite a bit, but Theo didn't see him until the end of the book!

The pacing in this was too slow for me, so i got really bored. I kept hoping it would pick up, but it never did.

Overall, Started out okay, but went downhill.
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message 1: by rachel (new) - added it

rachel Trust me, as a dancer, you do need good lung capacity Smoking isn't a good habit if she wants to take it pro!

message 2: by Abbie (last edited Jun 10, 2014 12:46AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Abbie Such a stupid thing to do! What was she thinking?!

message 3: by rachel (new) - added it

rachel Abbie wrote: "Such a stupid thing to do! What was she thinking?!"

Obviously she wasn't thinking! Aha! :)

Zarina Elahi You can't really judge a book based on the main character's actions. You judge a book based on the main character's rationale and situation, and how well it's crafted. She was suffering. Everyone makes mistakes.

Abbie I'm not saying that nobody makes mistakes.

I have my own mind, my own judgement and my own likes and dislikes.
I'm not telling you how to judge a book, so please don't tell me how to Judge one.

Zarina Elahi You're not being objective, and that's not fair to the writer is what I'm saying. Someone actually wrote Pointe and hoped that the reader would pay attention to her main character's reasoning and troubles. Theo was molested. You seem to imply that someone could go through that and make perfectly reasonable decisions throughout the rest of their adolescence and that they should be judged and berated for it.

Abbie So you don't want me to judge the character, but you're judging me on how I read?
I didn't even bring what she went through into the conversation, this has nothing to do with that.

You're obviously not going to respect my opinion, and I'm not arguing, so it looks like we have nothing more to say to each other.

Zarina Elahi You judged her actions that were a direct result of her being molested. "Kissing other people's boyfriends" is something she did because she was used to being the secret lover of an older man. It's what she knew. SO I'd argue that yes, what you said was directly related to what she went through.

I have quite a bit to say about blaming victims of molestation for the results of their suffering but you're right; you probably aren't interested in hearing about that. But try to take into account that when you judge a character's actions by your own morality and refuse to understand why they did something you disagree with, you're ignoring the writer's entire purpose in writing the novel.

message 9: by Inês (last edited Jul 17, 2014 12:03PM) (new)

Inês It might have been the writer's purpose (or maybe not) but if Abbie didn't agree and/or didn't like it, you can't say that her not liking it is wrong, because ultimately it's HER opinion, you either agree or disagree but don't tell her how she should appreciate the book or not. Everyone has an opinion and she expressed hers, because this was her review.

Sarah Sameen wrote: "You judged her actions that were a direct result of her being molested. "Kissing other people's boyfriends" is something she did because she was used to being the secret lover of an older man. It's..."

I think you should find something more imporant to bitch about. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion which you obviously can't understand.

Zarina Elahi I never said she shouldn't have not liked it. What I'm saying is her judgment was subjective and skews the book's average on Goodreads because of subjective standards, which is unfair to the writer. You do not judge a book based on your own morality and whether or not the main character's actions were to your liking, period. Feel free to continue disputing this but any objective and respectful reviewer would agree.

message 12: by Inês (last edited Jul 17, 2014 12:54PM) (new)

Inês I don't think you understand the point of reading a book. Her judgement is subjective? Hmm, isn't yours? That's why all the books in goodreads have different ratings. And the excuse you're giving, let me say, is pathetic, it's the same way as saying "I didn't like this book, but seeing it deals with -insert disease - I'm just giving it a 5 star rating!"
So we have a different opinion, therefore we are incapable readers and reviewers, gotcha, well them I believe you should probably search a psychologist and talk about your self centered personality.

Zarina Elahi No, not all judgment is subjective. There are objective standards by which one can judge writing. I had an emotional opinion on this novel too, but I left it out of my review. I recognized that it had faults involving realism but that the author successfully managed several aspects of the main character's life in a realistic way. I will take note of your suggestion to "search a psychologist."

message 14: by Inês (new)

Inês I guess if you're in a courthouse and you're part of the jury, I guess you can at least try to be objective, but what you should probably know (but I'm beginning to realize you don't) is that being subjective is part of the human nature and even now you are being subjective about this, just like me and just like Abbie, however, talking about morality and standards and how much better reader you are than us, must make you feel much better than admitting you're wrong, so why not right? And if you didn't want to express your emotions in the place that you actually could, that's your problem, not ours, so don't come doing it here. Thank you.

Zarina Elahi ur rite i messed up sorry guise this book sucked haha rofl

message 16: by Emotonal (new)

Emotonal Reads Wow, it's a shame when a person cannot have their own opinion without being slammed for it. I for one am grateful for your review and I will not be reading this. this heroine is someone I don't think I could relate to. I know a few girls that's been through some awful abuse and things in their lives and still knows that kissing another girl's boyfriend is wrong. I wouldn't know her reasoning, but from all the reviews I've read, her actions seems contradictory. I think I'll go find a YA book where it isn't trying to put a foot into the adult. the pedophile thing would just disgust and piss me off. Thanks again, now I have to return a book. Damn!

Paige I find it interesting that your complaints all center around Theo and what she did wrong or didn't do well enough. I notice scolding for Theo but none for the pedophile rapist. To me, the "pointe" was that smoking and drinking and hooking up with someone else's boyfriends are unhealthy decisions. She made unhealthy decisions because she was, in fact, terribly mentally (and physically) unhealthy. She did things that made me think "Theo, no! That's not the way!! You'll make it worse!" but that is often how things work out in the real world. Why would anyone smoke, ever? I have asked smokers I've been close with, and they tell me knowing that it hurt their bodies was part of the allure. Treating yourself like Theo treats herself is not something you do when you care about and love yourself deeply. You’re entitled to your opinion of course; I’m just offering you some of my thoughts and a reflection of what I saw in your review: a lot of contempt for Theo and very little compassion for her struggles.

Abbie I don't see the need in stating what I think of him though - I'm obviously not going to say "Oh, that really disgusting bloke that thinks it's okay to do this and that to a teengager is great!" Nobody would.
I didn't say she done anything "wrong" I just didn't see why she would pollute her lungs with smoke like that when she she wanted to become a professional dancer so badly, and I didn't like that she kept on saying that she didn't want to be the kind of girl to go around kissing peoples boyfriends, and then doing exactly that.

Sarah She may have been 'mentally unhealthy' but boy was she annoying.

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