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Into the Woods by Lyn Gardner
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Nov 19, 2007

really liked it
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This was a pretty good book. I just don't understand why it has huge font, with tons of space. Those 2 things made it over 400 pages. If they're trying to force it into being a junior book, then the book length alone would be a huge deterrent for a young reader. I think they should have just had normal sized font and regular spacing, and had it be a YA book. The reading level is young adult and not junior anyway.

Sisters Storm and Aurora could not be more different. Aurora loves reorganizing the linen closet, and Storm loves adventure and making fireworks. It is one of Storm's adventures that begins the story. She goes on a journey into the woods, and ends up in a town she's never been to before, witnessing the Pied Piper, here named Dr. DeWilde, being asked to come back, since there has been a problem with wolves.
When their new baby sister is born, Storm's mother gives her a pipe to protect, and when Dr. DeWilde comes and tries to steal the pipe, the adventure begins.

The story did definitely drag, and it lost my interest several times, and the time period was not clear. Was it modern day? Was it once upon a time? Other than 1 reference to reading magazines, it could have been once upon a time, so I really wished the magazine reference had been left out.

On the positive side, it was fun to see how the author played with the fairy tales, but did not box herself in by them. Most times books reference fairy tales, you know what you're going to get, and then, sure enough, you get it. Instead, she used them as something familiar to the readers, but dealt with them with a wink. When you see the chapter titles: 'The Ginger House', and then 'The Giant Oven', you think you know what you're going to get, but it ends up being not quite what you're expecting.

This really felt like a movie, and it would make a great one, since it is so visual. Also, it was left open for a sequel, but I'm not sure what is left to do. There weren't really any loose ends to tie up. It would have to be a whole new story.

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