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Player's Handbook by Jonathan Tweet
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Mar 08, 2010

did not like it

I bought these when they decided that they'd made all the money they could from 2nd edition...oops, no I'm sorry I mean....uhh, when they bought the D&D game and decided it needed to be updated, yes that's it up dated.


This version of D&D lasted maybe a year and a half, before they decided that D&D 3.5 was needed, all new hard back books and they were all a lot more expensive than 3. Though most of us suckers...errr, uhh, gamers, I mean, ya that's it, gamers...most of us had already bought at least the Players Handbook, specialty hero book, maybe the Monster Manual...you get the picture.

They changed the system here, formalized the Sorcerer character class, allowed other races than Human to be Paladins (which a lot of us DMs had been doing already anyway). they changed the armor system so that armor class numbers got better going up instead of down (no more -10AC). The means of character development changed radically with a system of feats added and weapons proficiency changed.

The play was simplified (read dumbed down) it simplified even more in later editions (read dumbed down even more). I started in a game as a player in this edition and then set out to move the group I was DMing to this edition also. I played a Ranger in the game where I was a player. To me the biggest flaw was that a player could be so powerful in a fairly short time that he could be almost unstoppable (a talented DM was needed. :)

I later bought the 4th edition books...they have convinced me that I will in my own game groups go back to and play 2nd edition. i still have most of my helps and 4 Player's Handbooks (and I plan to buy up any more I find.

I went with one star, if this were the only version out there I'd play it. But I date back to first edition and played 2nd a long time also. I think the changes after 2nd largely failed to improve the game it just changed it and came up with a lot more books and material to buy.

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