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The Queen of Swords by Nina Mason
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it was amazing

This is the first book i read from this author and i must say I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the read very much. As i have to admit i was a fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, and I do watch The Vampire Diaries, and have read The twilight series and Interviw with a vampire as well as seeing the films. So I am no stranger to vampire romance,I must admit. It just that I haven't read a vampire paranormal in many years and I found I still enjoy them very much. I read this book in a day which is also a good sign meaning i couldn't put the book down.

It's about this lonely 200 year old Scottish Celtic earthbound very bonny vampire Graham Logan, where his soul mate woman a white witch whom he loves gets killed and gets reincarnated and reappears back every 100 years only to be taken from him again and again which leaves Graham broken hearted, tormented and devasted, History just keeps repeating itself and due to his vampiric powers he knew the third one was here before he even laid eyes on her, yet he could not resist to take a peek and meet her. All these reincarnations have the same similar name Caitriona, Catherine and the one now is Cathleen Fingal, but goes by the nickname Cat. Each woman had supernatural abilities too all being white witches, but not like Cat whose abilities excelled her past selves as they were all the same woman and all look identical just from past lives. Cat even has flashbacks of these lives from time to time.Plus the murderer of the women in the past was his sire a powerful Irish wizard by the name Gerard Fitzgerald.

As for Cat she too was a lonely woman who considered herself the oldest living virgin in the UK. Cat wanted very badly to relinquish that title being thirty years old,but she also wanted her first time to mean something to be in love. She was also a witch who had a bit of power herself. Cat is also very intelligent as she is a professor at the local university and had always been obsessed with vampires and everything Scottish.

Of course when they meet the attraction is more love at first sight but Graham decide he is going to leave and stay away from this third reincarnation to keep her alive of course Car had other ideas using love spells, and binding spells not realizing she doesn't really need those thing as he had always loved her but want to save her and keep her away from his cursed self. He doesn't even understand why this wizard his sire murders the women but he knows he will kill Cat too as his sire can feel what he feels at certain times. So he plans to leave England and go back to Scotland. What he doesn't realize Cat who has had a hard life with parents that both abused and neglected her has other plans for her Noble Scottish Vampire. Yet there is another villain in the story that doesn't want Graham to leave and wants to lay claim to him too, which will also put both Graham and Cat's life in peril too.

Now are these two soul mates just doomed from the start just star crossed lovers or will they be able to beat the odds and find a way to be together. Well you will have to read this The Queen of Swords and find out.

The book was very fast paced which means it was never boring lots of excitement, mystery,suspense, drama , betrayal also humor and love. I also enjoyed the castles friendly ghost which made me smile a lot. All the elements of a good book. I found the storyline very interesting and unique. Also I loved that the sometimes you were in the present and sometimes you were in the past in the book I enjoyed The Queen of Swords very much and look forward to future books by Nina Mason.---B
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