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The Honey Thief by Elizabeth Graver
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Mar 06, 2010

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The Honey Thief is a cute little book, one of those easy and fresh books that would have made a great summer read. Our omniscient narrator switches between three perspectives: that of eleven year old Eva, her mother Miriam, and the beekeeper Burl. When Eva's shoplifting starts to become habit, Miriam whisks her away to the countryside, hoping that a change of scenery will prevent Eva from making such bad choices. Eva resents being left alone in the big country farmhouse while Miriam is at work, and her subsequent explorations of this new environment eventually lead her to Burl and his bees. All three characters have their own demons to exorcise, and the intersections between them are what make this book tick.

What prevents this book from being great instead of just good is that the plot missed a few links on the way to its climax. Suddenly there's an event that brings mother and daughter back together... but how? It's like the movie was missing a few key scenes, scenes that included both Miriam and Eva so we could really understand the tension between them and thereby go "Aha!" when the event that brings them back into harmony finally occurs. Because of these missing connections, the ending of the book seemed flat.


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