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Spells by Aprilynne Pike
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Mar 06, 2010

really liked it

I was so pleased when I was able to sign up for this book as an ARC. I have been patiently waiting for it to come out so that I could continue the amazing story of Laurel and her new-found faerie blood.

I loved the world of Avalon that Pike explored in this book. The new revelations and rules that Laurel had to deal with took her for a loop and created more internal struggle then ever before. How could human life compete with the new and beautiful life as a Fall faerie?

The characters that were introduced in 'Wings' were explored more in this second novel. Laurel has been thrust into a position of great responsibility and is being torn between her human life and her inherent faerie gifts. David and Tamani's love for Laurel intensified greatly and had me on the edge of my seat wondering which part of her she would follow to decide who she wanted to be with. The chemistry between both these characters and Laurel was so strong and alluring it made me heartbroken at the end when she actually made her decision. Both these guys have amazing qualities that any girl would love, but as in most hard choices in life, Laurel had to be true to herself in deciding which life to lead.

I love the way that Pike writes. I feel like I am actually in the imaginative world that she created through her descriptive and lovely words. And I truly loved the cover of this book. I thought it was creative and enchanting and expressed the dual feelings that Laurel endured during her internal conflict throughout the story. Should she choose to hide her faerie wings in the human world with David, or bring them to full bloom in Avalon with Tamani?

Pike kept me on the tip of my toes the whole book, and then ended with a massive cliffhanger that will undoubtedly leave me suspended on my toes until the next book.
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Jenyy Which character did laurel chose?

Kate Wish I could say but I dont want to ruin it! :)

Jennifer Oh that ending - EAP! Great review...I cant WAIT for the end...not that I want the series to end but ACK!

Amethyst omg.. great review.. please tell who she chooses.. PLEASE. i'm so excited to read Spells. since i'm reading Wings again, to be ready when Spells come out next month hopefully.. please tell..

Kate She chose Bob from accounting. lol Lips are sealed! Sowwy! I thought I wanted it ruined too but Im glad I didn't until I read it for myself.

Amethyst omg... awww, i actully can't choose who i'd be with, normally in a book or series i can.. but with this one i can't..

Jennifer I know what you mean Amethyst, usually there's a clear cut "winner" in my book and while I still have my fav. there just is not in this book.

Amethyst i'm gonna go read the rest of wings... i think she'll choose Tamani.. but i dunno David's so suportive.. i really wanan know.. :(

Kate My vision cleared and I know who I want her to be with while I was reading 'Spells'. It didnt go in my favor but there is always the next book!

Still an amazing read tho, and super steamy love triangle-ness for sure!

Jennifer Yep, I am with you Kate - but that ending, has me wondering what's up his sleeve.

Amethyst awww.. come on... you can't just do that! that's SO mean!

Amethyst who's sleeve??? who does she choose?? PLEASE!

Amethyst what's ARC?

Kate Advanced Readers Copy, they are given out before the actual book is published to reviewers for the marketing campaign to build a buzz about the book before its released

Amethyst aww ok.

message 17: by Yayanime (new)

Yayanime can i get one if i pay you lol

Kate LOL You wouldn't have to pay (strongly advised not to sell ARCs since they are free anyways)! But unfortunatly I do not have one. I borrowed it from and ARC tour. Look up ARC tours on Google and you can sign up to read these books before anyone else!

Amethyst guess i'll just have to wait till it comes out... haha I KNOW WHO SHES CHOOSES!! but now i wanna know why... lol

Amethyst omg it's out... well i hadn't been to the bookshop in a couple of weeks, and i went this afternoon with mum. and it was there!!! thought i didn't buy it :(

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