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Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti
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Mar 05, 2010

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The story of Marisa's sophmore year in high school about waiting and searching for her ultimate soulmate is cute, charming, and predictable. From her new struggles on friendship, the popular handsome Derek dating her, and her parents' sudden separation, Marisa's life isn't coming out so great. On the bright side of her problems, she finds that running to the newly discovered anonymous DJ has helped her make a connection to make her feel better; therefore, possibly finding the absolute, not necessarily perfect guy is just right around the corner. Colansanti does a superb job for focusing on common teen issues and problems that can be found in the high school life especially with the major part: romance.

Being an admirer for teen romance novels, this was not as great as I had expected after reading the title. It surprisingly focused more on both friendship values and family issues instead of mainly pertaining to the romance portion. Of course all love stories will not just focus precisely on romance, so they throw in several issues the main character(s) must deal with, but this one was just a very mild novel that I found was just "cute" and not over-the-top "amazing" compared to other great romance books.

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