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Lord of the Isles by Debbie Mazzuca
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Mar 05, 2010

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Aileanna, Ali, Graham is a docter in her fourth-year as a resident. After a mistake made by the docter in the operating room, he blames Ali for it. She is forced to take some time off. A friend offers her a job in Scotland doing a photo shoot for Vogue. When she arrives at what she thinks is her hotel she finds herself at a castle by the same name. The caretaker offers her a room to rest in until he can get her a ride to the hotel. When Ali falls asleep she dreams she is in bed with a man and they start to kiss, but soon she finds out it is no dream. When she if fully awake she sees that she is not in the same room she went to sleep in. Rory MacLeod has been injured in a fight with another clan, when he finds himself in bed with a strange woman. Ali's first thought is to get Rory to the nearest hospital but she is told that there is not one around. She is told that she has been sent through time to help heal Rory. At first she does not belive but the more she sees of the things and people around her, she has no choice but to belive it. Rory doesn't know what to think of Ali with her strange way she speaks and her ways. Rory hasalways put his clan first, even before his own happiness. Rory must marry someone who can bring more fighting men to help the clan. The more time he spends with Ali, the more he gets to know her, he finds himself falling in love with her. Ali feels the same about Rory. Rory will have to make a hard choice between his clan and his own happiness with Ali.

This is the first of Ms. Mazzuca's The MacLeod's series. It is a great read. The mixture of adventure, a very hot highlander and a touch of Fairy magic makes this a very entertaining story. Well worth your time. And the surprise close to the end of the book makes it even better. You will not be disappointed in this book. After reading it I put Ms. Mazzuca on my auto buy list. When April get here run to the nearest book store to pick this book up. And as an added bonus it has a great price. The next installment of the MacLeod's series will be out in May of 2011.

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