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The Moves Make the Man by Bruce Brooks
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Mar 05, 2010

it was amazing
Read in February, 2010

Andrew Reyes 6/7Y 3/210

The Moves Make the Man
Author by: Bruce Brooks
The book is mainly about a boy named Jerome Foxworthy he is first black person to join a school in North Carolina. So Jerome sees Bix play shortstop taught he had talent and does not like baseball. So Bix goes to the woods sees Jerome Foxworthy play basketball or JayFox as they called them. Then he played a boy named Bobo and won lantern. So he actually played Bix. So he goes to the court and flashes the lantern and sees its Bix. So he decides to teach his moves to Bix.
My favorite character is JayFox or Jerome Foxworthy. He is nice and cool person. For example, he taught Bix his moves on basketball, back on that time there was segregation. JayFox was black and Bix was white. Also, I can relate to Jerome because I taught my friend how to play baseball. I think Jerome is interesting character because he has lots of obstacles but he pulls it off.
The climax was when Jerome teaches his moves to Bix. Their friendship was shocking. It was rare that they were friends during those times. Also when Bix got in accident and injured himself. They stop playing and Jerome stop teaching him his moves.
Also, when Bix recovered and stop practicing basketball.
I think the author wanted me to know that friendship is important. For example, during those times there were not friendships like that because of race issues. I think the author wanted me to know that life has lots of obstacles. Also, friendships are powerful like with Jerome and Bix. Also, some friendships are not that powerful.
Yes, I would recommend this book. I will Recommend this book to any body that has close friends or have trouble with their friends. Also, I would recommend this book to people who like basketball. This book is amazing, and has lots of action. This book is very good and interesting.
I will rate this book on a scale to 1-10 rate a 10 because it’s excellent book.
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