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City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
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Mar 05, 2010

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Read from March 05 to 06, 2010

This is the first series I've completed in a long time. Which isn't saying much, since this one has just 3 books. There's a fourth book coming out next year, which is sort of a spin-off from the first 3, though the events happen after the events of the first three books. I'm not sure if I'll read it, I'm not too impressed by this series, though it certainly is lively!

My opinion
At 541 pages, City of Glass is the largest of the 3 books in this series, but it still reads almost as fast as the earlier two books. There's a war brewing up, and most of the book is about how all characters try to come together to fight on the same side, in spite of their differences. We still have our favorite characters doing our favorite things, and also some "condemnable" things. We have a lot of characters making peace with their beliefs and with others. Plus, we get a lot of answers too (Boy have I waited since book one for those?)

There's very little I can say of this book without giving the plot away, since being the 3rd book, you really need to have read the previous two books before being able to grasp the plot points of this one. Suffice it to say that the bad guy, Valentine, is trying to find the third Mortal Instrument, so that he can summon the Angel who created the Shadowhunter race, and demand a wish that can lead to several people dying.

I liked this book better than the previous two books, and would have given it a half rating more if possible. The answers to the many questions I had by the end of City of Ashes were tied up together pretty well. The writing is much better too, and that was a refreshing change from the earlier two books.

In spite of how well explained the mysteries were, City of Glass was a tad predictable. The main characters reach Idris, the home town of the Shadowhunters, where they stay at the house of some friends, along with two new characters. I sort of guessed most of the story at that point itself, it was only a matter how they were going to be linked together. But I was thankful that the author didn't resort to any garish or totally unconnected solutions at the end.

Somehow, this one was slower in pace than the other books. There's really not much that happens, so although it was better than the previous two books and more action-packed, it wasn't as fast-paced. It didn't really bother me much, but considering that this one is at least a 100 pages longer than the previous two, I didn't quite see the point.

I loved the battles depicted in this book. Though one is only mentioned as to be taking place, the darker first attack was quite creepy. Nevertheless, the descriptions of those scenes were done pretty well.

Overall, much as I wasn't so taken in by this series, the third book made the reading a lot more worth it. Still, a guilty pleasure read!

Title Demystified
Most of this book takes place in Idris, which is the home of the Shadowhunters. Idris is described as so beautiful, that anyone who leaves after staying there for a while gets homesick. Somehow I didn't get much touched by the apparent beauty. I'm not sure if it's because I read it fast or because the descriptions were really far and few between! Idris is called the City of Glass, I'm guessing it's because of the glass structures in the city.

Cover Art Demystified
The guy in the cover is Sebastian, one of the crucial characters in this book. Though I wasn't initially happy with the introduction of yet more new faces, I managed to look beyond it.

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