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Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey
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Mar 04, 2010

really liked it
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This book is crazy as hell. Fans of Crooked Little Vein probably ought to check this out right now.

Lead character Stark is an endless fountain of brilliant, filthy one-liners and comebacks. Strangely enough, though, I thought that actually hurt the impact of the book. Let's consider a section of the novel. One of Stark's acquaintances has just got seriously stomped down by forces she can't possibly understand or believe yet, and because he could have given her some warning about what they were walking into, her wounds are largely Stark's fault. She's shaken and angry, and Stark is about to take her to a hospital.

Hospital-bound character: "Where are we going?"
Stark: "To get some ice cream. What's your favorite flavor?"
Hospital-bound character: "Fuck you."
Stark: "That's my favorite too."

So this guy's clever enough to throw quips like that down through the entire book, but he's too clueless (or driven) to keep from storming/blundering his way into endless waves of ass-kickings -- even when the simplest planning might make things easier (and more likely to succeed)? Despite several of his daring, damn-the-consequences commando raids leading to serious harm to his few friends and allies, he's always the stoic, Doesn't-Give-A-Fuck ass-whoopin' badass. "Hey, baby, sorry you got a concussion and all, but I gotta go. I got shit to do." It's hard to remain sympathetic to a character like that, even if plausible reasons are given for how he got that way.

Still, despite those glaring character flaws, the book's still a king-hell motherfucker of a ride.

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