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The Secret of Zoom by Lynne Jonell
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Mar 04, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: adventure, children-fiction, friendship, good-vs-evil, orphans, strong-female-character
Read from March 04 to 09, 2010

Christina Adnoid lives in a stone, Gothic-like mansion surrounded by forests and mountain ridges. Her father, Dr. Wilfer Adnoid is the chief scientist at Loompski Laboratories, a renowned scientific enterprise. Just outside the mansion is home to the Loompski Orphanage which, from afar, Christina imagines the happy orphans learning, playing, and working day after day. After all, Christina is lonely and sad, being home schooled with no friends to play with each day. She is forbidden to go outside save for one very-carefully guarded hour. Her father wants to keep her safe after her mom was blown to smithereens in the Loompski Lab she was working in when Christina was a baby.

One day, Christina 'escapes' from Nanny's view, and inches closer to the orphans. She strikes up a conversation with one boy named Taft. He tells her of the horrible conditions the orphans are made to live in and about the rumor that there is a tunnel which would lead the orphans to freedom. Taft and the other orphans know that Lenny Loompski, the new head of Laboratories is up to no good. He desperately wants to win the Karsnicky Medal (a prestigious scientific award) that all his relatives have already won. The problem is, he doesn't have the talent to win. His predecessor, Leo Loompski, was a brilliant scientist who mysteriouly disappeared allowing Lenny to take over the labs.

Little do the orphans or Christina know, that Lenny is keeping very intelligent people captive deep underground. They are working trying to tap into the power of zoom, the power that is in Zoomstone which is in abundant supply in the Starkian Mountains. It all revolves around a very special gift that only a few orphans have...a gift that unlocks the power of zoom to fuel a truly wondrous property that could help mankind, yet the evil and diabolical Lenny treats the orphans who don't possess the key as throw-aways. His thirst for fame and riches put the orphans and all who work for him in the deepest of dangers. Christina, with her new friend Taft, attempt to outwit Lenny and his evil schemes before all the unwanted orphans are mashed to death. The Power of Zoom has the reader rooting for the good-guys on this action-packed adventure story about good vs. evil in the form of a very once-shy, now spunky girl.

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