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Love at First Bight by Tymber Dalton
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Mar 03, 2010

it was amazing

I love this author. She never fails to make you feel a variety of emotions throughout her books. I did my share of giggling and also getting choked up during this story. Not to mention she writes fantastic love scenes. Here is something that I genuinely love about a lot of her stories. The parties fall deeply in love and a lot of the struggles and obstacles they have to tackle throughout the book are, for the most part, handled together. There is still heavy emotion and intrigue, but not because the whole story is taken up by them mistreating and/or believing something so wrong about the other party and then finally being clarified in the last 5 pages of the book. Did I particularly love the "surprise twist" everyone has been referring to? Well, clearly it's every author's own prerogative to write the things they do. I have mixed feelings about the way it all truly played out. However, I can still acknowledge that it was a fabulous story and incredibly emotional and passion-filled. I loved the mens' total devotion to Emi and their steadfast loyalty and protection. Loved it!!! And how cute were the Twins and how broodingly sexy was the Captain? Loved the personalities and all their fun interaction.

I adored this book and can't wait to continue reading more work from her. Well done.

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