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The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers by Thomas Mullen
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Mar 01, 2010

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The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers is set in the great depression and follows the immortal escapades of the Fireson brothers, Whit and Jason.

The tone of Firefly Brothers is fairly light, almost comical, and while the action is often gruesome and many of the events are heavy the overall feeling of the novel is kinda fluffy. While the story is a good blend of the familiar clichés with a touch of originality one does feel like the story needs something more.

Part-one ‘the first death of the Firefly brothers’ is mired in backstory and flashback, which is somewhat interesting but much of the history we are exposed to is too mundane and slows the pace of the story, considering we start off with the fascinating resurrection of the brothers but hardly address the issue until many many pages later.

And while the mystery of why the brothers are immortal is enough to propel the book forwards there is an extreme lack of good storyline beyond this. Essentially the brothers continually get themselves into deadly situations until eventually lost memories surface that explain their predicament. Memories which I ultimately found disappointing, while the supernatural explanation was sufficient the attempt at shocking backstory revelation, while logical and fitting, to be anticlimactic.

Attempts to spice up the story with a love interest kidnap might have been more interesting if it was tied in with the brothers better, however it just felt like page filler while we wondered about the brother’s immortality.

In the end The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers is a good book, and perhaps would have made (or make) a great movie, but doesn’t quite reach the upper echelons of highly recommended.

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