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Some Boys by Patty Blount
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

After Grace accuses the town's golden boy of rape, she faces ostracism and abuse from everyone at her school. She loses her friends and her reputation in one fell swoop, all because they believe him over her. Nasty names are thrown at her and written about her on bathroom stalls; boys straddle the line of physical harassment; she's all alone at a time when she deserves support the most. Yet none of this causes Grace to back down. No matter the incriminating evidence against her, or that no one believes her, she will not take back her accusation. Enter Ian, her one time crush and Zac's best friend. They are forced to clean lockers together after school, and as Grace begins to take more and more of a stand, Ian starts to question just who is really the victim here.

My thoughts
I hate to give this book such a low rating, because I believe it tells an important story with a message that every high school student should receive. The victim should never be blamed - no matter how short her skirt is, no matter if she's been drinking or he's been drinking, even if she says yes at first - her right to say "no" is just that, her right. The book makes this perfectly clear; there are no mixed messages here. Unfortunately, this gets lost in the telling.

But let me start with the good first. I really liked Grace. She is an admirable heroine: strong and courageous in the face of so much heartache. She has not only been stripped of something she never freely gave away, but she's having to face this all alone. Her mom is there for her - in a way - but I was never wholly satisfied with her involvement, and her dad made me want to punch him on multiple occasions because he somewhat blames her for what happened. I can't imagine going through something so traumatizing and not having a healthy support system to back me up. But Grace never allows Zac's side of things to win. She constantly stands up for herself and makes intelligent point after intelligent point, if only those around her weren't so stupid (more on that later). I also like that she's a realistic teenage girl - she's may be brave, but that doesn't mean she's not sensitive or vulnerable. Zac - and all he represents - frightens her, it's just she tries to not to show it. She misses her friends, she longs for love... everything that makes up a normal teenage girl's heart.

My problem with the book is pretty much the rest of it. The writing is clunky, with stretches that left me wandering when the book would move toward something; the supporting characters are at best worthy of the bitch face - but more accurately the bitch slap (at least) - and the romance is unconvincing. It's a shame because there are not many YA books that speak so directly about this subject matter, so the potential feels wasted.

For one, the adults are so horribly uninvolved, despite Grace being bullied right in front of them. This is their jobs yet they allow the abuse to continue. Even Grace's parents are entirely too passive. Yo, you're daughter was freaking raped, and now she has zero friends, and yet you're comfortable with her going to school every day? Parenting in YA has been a sore spot with me for a while, and this just takes the cake. The fact that not one adult steps in is mind boggling. Also, not having a single friend believe her and stand by her side? It's just too much. I can't imagine this is what would actually happen.

I was not a fan of the romance, plain and simple. Sure, Ian might accurately portray a high school guy's reaction to the situation - like everyone else, he refuses to believe that Zac is a rapist, even though throughout the book he does question whether or not Grace is telling the truth. His confusion and character arc are realistic, for the most part. However, I expect more from a love interest, especially someone paired not only with a victim of rape but a girl who is so sure of herself. Ian is horrible to Grace on multiple occasions (there is a scene in the cafeteria where he won't eat a slice of pizza that Grace touched, for fear of getting an STD, and he says he plays this performance in front of his friends for her benefit), and he believes her only when he sees video evidence that his friend lied. There is no way I could swoon over this romance.

And finally, the ending comes gift wrapped by Santa Claus himself. Now you all know how much I like my happy endings, but I couldn't stomach it here. Grace is far too forgiving of pretty much everyone and there are barely any consequences for the people who wronged her. For a story so strongly opposed to slut shaming, victim blaming, bullying, and harassment, it sure let people off the hook easily. I didn't like the bow it was tied in one bit.

I expected more out of Some Boys, yet I can't bring myself to say that I don't recommend it. The subject matter is relevant and the message clear; I just wish I could have connected better with the story itself.

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Ilka I kind of understand why Grace forgives almost everyone, deep down all she wanted was a to be at peace with her classmates.
beside Ian's dad and that girl at the end all the characters are unbelievable stupid, honestly I agree with almost everything on your review

Paige  Bookdragon Aww. Too bad you didn't like it, but nice review love :)

Abraham  Sammy This was actually more realistic than you give credit for.

Abraham  Sammy This was actually more realistic than you give credit for.

message 5: by Eli (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eli Paz Yes, Abe is right. There is a lot of cases where family and friends don't support the victim, it's rape culture -"look how you were dressed, you were asking for it" "but it's your boyfriend, he can't rape you" "you drank too much, it's your fault what happened" and don't get me started with police and justice system, at least in my country. I can't imagine how it would be to be in that situation all by myself, because all the people I love and thought they loved me are against me, but sadly it happens. Anyway, I respect your opinion, and it's a great review!

Madilyn I do not undersyand your review at all? I am a high school student, and have seen far worst things than this book decribes happen right in front of adults, teacher, and even school security guards. And I love the way she f forgave all the people who did her wrong, in her shoes, I could never duo that. But I know it would be the better
Me in the end

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