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East by Edith Pattou
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Feb 28, 2010

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This child's story reads like a fairy tale. A magical story of a young girl sacrificed to a mysterious bear, who becomes her love and is of course, somehow cursed. Like the frog prince, eh? Only way better.

Also, there's Slank!
Others have tried to own this word before now. You'll recall the Grinch "slink, slank, slunk" up a chimney in Whoville on Christmas eve, Cormac McCarthy's dogs slank around the periphery of a smoky campfire, the urban dictionary offers various unappealing definitions, but Pattou gives us an entirely fresh and option. Slank is some kind of uber coffee, a fortification that lets you survive in the frozen north and WORK WORK WORK for your troll masters. A most excellent concept, if maybe a poor reflection on Santa: I gotta get me some! We'll definitely be serving slank at the book part

More magic: Loads of it of course, and my favorite is the slank, as noted. There's a lot more, and a list is tempting but I'll note just two more. The dresses of course. Those were just awesome. Somehow I picture them easily, and in great detail. Though thin I see a rich, rough texture to the gold one, my favorite. Then, the leidarstein, which, from der Maritimes Lexikon, meint, "der Magnetkompass der Wikinger. Ein Magneteisenstein auf einem Stück Holz, in einem Gefäß schwimmend, zeigt die magnetische Nordrichtung an." What an excellent language. Anyway, I'm lumping this into magic because THEN, it would have seemed so. I picture various salt encrusted old captains with their individual tricks to get somewhere safe: Polynesian stick charts ( or lodestones. Be sure to look at wikipedia to learn the mysterious different swells of the south Pacific, the rilib, kaelib, bungdockerik and bungdockering. Makes me want to surf! Anyway, lodestones: I imagine them being only barely magnetized, flukey in northern latitudes of course, hanging from a string and every desperate sailor divining something different from uncertain wobbles. With a lodestone, some local knowledge and a little bit of brave stupidity, you could become a legend! Ahh, life is so boring now...
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Rivka This is a fairy tale.

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