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No Souvenirs by K.A. Mitchell
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Feb 28, 2010

Read in January, 2011

K.A. Mitchell continues in her light BDSM series: it’s light since it’s a type of BDSM that can be right for a wide audience, and above all, it’s not in your face. The type of BDSM in these stories are not the type you see inside dungeons or private clubs, but it’s more a thing of power play inside the relationship.

Jae Sun Kim is the very interesting and a bit aloof doctor that in Collision Course was the antagonist of Joey’s love interest, Aaron. It was clear that the love story was between Joey and Aaron, but Kim was indeed a very interesting character who deserved his own story. In No Souvenirs, Kim is on holiday in Belize and he has a fling with Shane, an American scuba-diver who is half losing time and half deciding what to do in life. So Shane is quite at the opposite of Kim, successful doctor and with his path paved in front of him. It’s not clear if Kim approached the vacation fling with the attitude of “right now” and then forget everything, but unexpectedly Shane turns the tables.

Maybe thanks to a dramatic experience that bonds them together, Shane shows at Kim’s doorstep; again, Shane’s attitude is of taking things easily, without planning the future, but Kim can’t be the same. Kim is tightly closed inside himself, with a thick shield around; he can’t allow someone that easy like Shane too much near him, he is too much of a threat for his safeness. In their relationship, love and sex, they have the same attitude: Shane, bigger and stronger in body, is used to be the top in the relationship, but when Kim makes clear that he will never bottom, Shane takes happily a dive into this new development, that allows him to continue being easy and free, being the top in the relationship is also hard work, something that Shane is more than willing to let doing to someone else; on the other hand, Kim’s refusal to being a bottom is another proof of his safe-shield, being a bottom means allowing another man to have the top hand in his fate, and that is not an option.

So when the relationship starts, things seem clear: it’s not something that will last, they don’t have to set up rules, since they don’t need them, they will not have time to follow them. But despite the unsteady basis, and maybe despite the involved men’s will, the relationship grows healthy and strong, and it’s almost with a drunken stupor that both of them will awake one morning to discover that there is something more than a fling between them, and now that they have it, they need to change their life to accommodate it, and in the end, to set up those rules.

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