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Wastelands by John Joseph Adams
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Feb 26, 2010

it was ok
Read from March 17 to 30, 2010

Ever since i had laid my eyes on it, (while surfing through my favorite genres in amazon.com) i know i have to at least try it. Ignoring bad and discouraging reviews, i finally get my hands on it when I went to Borders last month.

Which, it turned out, was not a very good idea. The fact that i really looking forward to read it, with high hopes and all, left me very disappointed and stupid at the same time. The editor seems to cram all cheap stories he could find, as long as it resemble (even slightly) the end of the world. Darn. I paid for RM66 for thissss!! (later revelation of cheaper deal online, depressed me more)

However, frustrated as I am, still tried to be positive and leave the limp legs of my eyes and minds slowly crawl through page by page. Maybe because there are many authors in it and i am yet to being used to their way of storytelling. Still, the vague references to apocalyptic event in some of the stories were certainly not helping.

So i hobbled waist deep through it, taking much longer time than i had anticipated, but by hook and crook i had done it, even swimming rigorously against a patch of deep muddy swamp of bad stories in there.

Anyway, I had bought it at a fairly expensive price so it was plain to see that I had to force myself to finish. Which I (inevitably) succeed in the end, which I clearly proud to be able to, which also proves how awesome I am. Ha!

Below are some short reviews on the bad side of the anthology. Why bad? The same reason as why we never missed breaking news on the tube: because it was the bad side that always caught us humans interested in the first place, don’t we?


This story, -in very honest opinion, pardon me- is stupid. Plainly incomprehensible. The author tried to play with words and SO-CALLED literature but failed miserably because I dont think he himself knew what the hell was he writing about.. although I’m sure he won’t admit it.

The people who said this is a great piece of literature should really take their medicine carefully. ASK THE RIGHT DOCTOR, PLEASE..
Imaginative?! BS!
Unpredictable?! Of course, if u didn’t have the slightest idea of what is it you write.
Thought-provoking?! Again, you shamefully didn’t know what the hell, so just leave it to the reader to figure it for you! (which was not a bad idea, considering some of them are quite fanboy of yours)

In short: Not worth a darn. Crap. Pass if you got even half a brain.

When Sysadmin Rules the Earth
Understandable but I didn’t like it. Boring. Didn't do anything to me. Trying to depict a gruesome apocalyptic event but failed like rotten eggs. Characters are mundane, somewhat soulless.. I don’t know if nerds are in fact like that but they clearly don’t act like humans. Fast paced but awfully written. Like reading a sci-fi story under Kid’s Section.

Maybe the story can be fixed a bit with more careful but witty writing.

Episode Seven: Last Stand Against The Pack in The Kingdom of Purple Flower
By the time I started this story I was bored with the collection. But I somewhat enjoyed this story (forcing my way though). Creative apocalyptic event: flesh eating virus/spore, monsters.. Kind of remind me of The Mist. The protagonist turning into batman-thing was also surprising (although a bit WTF). So, it actually wasn't that bad.

So why in the God’s green Earth did it wound up in this bad list?

Let me tell you lads: You see, it ain’t got no period on it. No indent. No chapter. Nada. Just one straight paragraph, broken by a bold, one line sentences at some few points. Gave me nausea in the first few pages.

Really a damn shame. Aim to be creative but troublesome in the end..


There are few more (a lot actually) stories in the anthology that i think should ended up here, for the reason of being too lame, too boring, too plastic and somehow unpredictable in a bad way (i don't mind a predictable story as long as it was well written). In short, it wasn't worth the money i paid. The Three Stooges above stood up because they are the most annoying read i had ever encountered.
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Fairul Asannan so far, not so good. i really expected more from this sub-genre. *sigh*

Fairul Asannan ok.. i still crawling through this book.. got maybe 2-3 stories to go.
some are good. some are not good. some are downright *rising-eyebrow*

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