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Danse Macabre by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Feb 24, 2010

did not like it
Read in February, 2010

This book is a good explanation as to why this book series hasn't been picked up for television or the big screen. Could you imagine sitting through 1 to 2 hours of a movie or show & watching a room packed full of characters dramatically staring at each other, clutching each other, spontaneous fainting, collapsing, gasping and shuddering in a very mellow dramatic way with very little duologue.... All with nothing actually going on? Yeah, neither can I. And when there is dialog, the characters banter back and fourth verbally beating the most minuscule theories and details of their romantic life to death.

Past pages upon pages of the uncomfortable and boring bouts of "ripples of power" scenes that infest the book.... Hamilton putties the cracks of her book with pages upon pages of pointless and mindless blow jobs, dry humping and Anita donating blood every few chapters. The sex... So disappointing. It's meaningless and anti-climactic. No thrill of the hunt, no pining or hoping, feeding your imagination or build up. It would be nice if we could see Anita having real sex because she wants to not just randomly doing it with every anyone who crosses her path because she has to "take one for the team". I wish Hamilton would just let Anita want to have sex, not be forced into a situation where she has to do it The idea of the adure could actually be a really fun fantasy but it's just over-kill and redundant now. This book definitely drove that feeling home for me.

Another thing that bothers me is that Hamilton has really ruined Jean-Claude (among others)for me in this book. He was dark, powerful, unpredictable, mysterious, masculine with that hint of femininity that is attractive. Now he comes off (in his relationship with Anita) as weak, complacent, transparent, predictable, feminine and boring. Part of what made his relationship to Anita attractive to me as a reader was the tension, danger and mystery. Besides Nathaniel, I could go on for pages about how I just don't like most of the characters in these books anymore.

Basically, I'll keep reading the series (mostly because I can finish a book in 1-2 days no matter how horrible so I at least don't waste a month of my time reading this crap) in hopes I get a glimpse of what I enjoyed about these stories at one time.... But at the same time, I'll never read the books again and I'm happy I'm getting them from the library so they don't take up space on my book shelf.

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