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Laird of the Mist by Paula Quinn
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Feb 23, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: romance, hist-rom, hist-rom-scottish

A Romeo and Juliet tale with plenty of Hatfield's and McCoy's thrown into the mix, Quinn does a fine job of making the Scottish medieval setting in Laird of the Mist feel accurate and I got the feeling she threw in a bit of real history too.

The Campbells and the MacGregor's have been fighting for hundreds of years. Kate Campbell is not even sure how it all began, but she does know this- The Devil Macgregor was responsible for her Father and Grandfather's death. That's enough for her to hate ANY Macgregor on sight.

When Callum Macgergor happens upon her while she and her clan are fighting a deadly battle with a rival clan, he does something totally uncharacteristic for him- he saves her then promptly rides off with her into the sunset.

But that's only the beginning. Soon enough, Kate discovers exactly who her rescuer is and is forced to make a choice between the growing attraction she feels for him- or finally take out the man who has caused so much pain in her life.

Of course the more time they spend together the more they realize that both have been living under misconceptions- especially Kate- and when the truth finally comes out, Kate makes a decision to follow her heart, even if it means losing her family.

I must admit that Laird of the Mist came off as too over the top for me, in many ways. Too much accent (aboot), too much purple prose at times and too much cliché. (Several eye rolling moments in it for me.)

Yet, it had a good enough plot and heated chemistry between the two protags to keep me engaged.

Kate is not only fierce, she's smart. And I really liked that once she knew she felt something for Callum, she wasn't afraid to admit it too him right away. Callum of course had to be shown the light- but even that tired plot device worked because he was attempting to keep his distance for all the right reasons. (Anyone sympathetic to the MacGregors would fall to major harm not only because of his enemies but because the Clan had been annexed.)

More importantly, Callum tugged at my heart. For so long he had to be a warrior Laird and wouldn't allow himself the time to dream of better things. Once Kate brought him the hope of a brighter future- he was lost.

I love sappy junk like that.

(btw, this book is surprisingly sensual, so don't shy away from it because you like a steamy read. It's in there!)
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