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Double Blind by Heidi Cullinan
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it was amazing

4.5 stars

This book just KNOCKED me on my ass.

I resisted stubbornly reading it. I hated swarmy Randy in book 1, Special Delivery. I had no interest in reading his story. I thought anyone and everyone who loved Randy crazy. And...I don't want to read kink. It's not my thing, most especially if I have zero interest in those involved. *stomp my feet* *pound my chest*

Shit. Do I have egg on my face?

I should know better. I know I can trust Heidi Cullinan. She doesn't tell me to read any and all her books. She told me to read THIS one. She told me she thought I'd really enjoy it. She told me, when I took her "which character are you?" quiz, that she'd crack up if I got Randy (and yes, I got Randy). She never forced me, but she encouraged me...and I get this feeling she just knew.

Here's the thing: I AM RANDY in so many ways. Randy, the one I judged so harshly yet knowing so little about him. Randy, with the huge heart and all the walls. Randy, who wants and even needs to take care of people. Randy, protective and soft on the inside and imperfect but so lovable. Randy, the guy who has to make things right for people. Randy, the one misunderstood.

RANDY...quite possibly one of my favorite characters ever.

I loved this book. Well, Randy, obviously, won me over. But Ethan was a perfect fit for Randy and I loved seeing his growth and development. I loved their LOVE for each other. I loved how they could see the ACE in each other. I loved how Ethan knew Randy wasn't a Joker.

And yes, I LOVED the poker. I used to play...a lot...and had quite the side gig going on for awhile. I was a Vegas-weekender and played in the Bellagio poker room (though the Mandalay Bay room was my favorite). So this book felt...familiar. And putting life into perspective via poker? Well, it hit deep. But it should, right?...because I AM RANDY.

And about that kink? *pshhh* I barely remember it. ha! I was connected emotionally to what was going on, but mostly, I was focused on Ethan and Randy.

Now, I will say that there were a couple things that distracted me a bit (and only a tiny bit). Sam was, to me, a bit unrecognizable. Yes, he was sensitive and young in Special Delivery. But he turned into a Jory in Double Blind...everyone loved him and the world revolved around him. And I was kinda annoyed by him, to be honest. The second little niggle had to do with H&M...but that's just my own irritation...

I hate this review because I can't put into coherent thoughts or words how much this book MEANT to me. I know it's HOT so people love it. I know the characters are great so people love it. I know it's Heidi Cullinan so people love it. But this turned something in me. I finished bits along the way and would just put my Kindle down and nod or say to myself "Oh shit!" or wonder what it was I just felt in my gut or in my heart. It's inexplicable, unfortunately. But this book 'got me' and I loved loved loved it.

*babbling over*

F*cking A...I loved this so hard.

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Sandra HA!!!!! I hate to say it, but we told you so!! :)

Kristie YAY!!!!!

message 3: by liz (new) - rated it 4 stars

liz So SO glad you loved it so hard :D Ethan and Randy are my faves, and this is SUCH a great book. I'm with you on all of this!

Sandra Also, excellent review.

Sara SEE! Now you know why he was my #1 book boyfriend! :o)

I am so happy you loved it and for what you took away from it too.

~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ Such a great book! I'm thrilled that you loved it.

Sunny Yay! I'm so glad you loved it :D

Great review, Susan!

Jenni What'd I say in my review...oh, I know: RANDY'S REDEMPTION. That's what this book's subtitle should be. ;D Glad you liked it, Susan!

Susan Sandra wrote: "HA!!!!! I hate to say it, but we told you so!! :)"

I know...I KNOW! I'm a total idiot. Fuck...I loved this book. :)

Susan I don't know why I didn't just read it along with the rest of you. I'm such a stubborn brat sometimes.

Damn, Randy...I love him. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???!!!

I missed out on months of loving him w/ everyone else. :-/

Kristie Jenni wrote: "What'd I say in my review...oh, I know: RANDY'S REDEMPTION. That's what this book's subtitle should be. ;D Glad you liked it, Susan!"

Jenni, you're so right! This *is* Randy's Redemption!

Sandra Susan wrote: "Sandra wrote: "HA!!!!! I hate to say it, but we told you so!! :)"

I know...I KNOW! I'm a total idiot. Fuck...I loved this book. :)"

Nah, you're not an idiot. Just a disbeliever. ;) It's all good. Now you can revel with us in all the wonder that is Randy.

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey :) What an awesome incoherent review. I love it when a book is so good you can't even fathom what to say.

message 14: by Star (new) - rated it 5 stars

Star Randy, Randy, Randy. That is all.

Also, I love that we had the same H&M niggle.

Vanessa North <3 Yeah, all that.

Vivian Randy's amazing. Nice to know how to trick you though :) Glad you loved it. I've never played poker and I loved it. I even think Vegas is a weird anomaly in the desert and loved it.

Alex is The Romance Fox Great review Susan.

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