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Deception Point by Dan Brown
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it was amazing

Dan Brown is never going to win any literary awards that's for sure. Mixed metaphors abound ("a searing pain sliced into her head..." etc), the use of the word "ephemeral" where I'm pretty sure he means "ethereal", and the explanation of how due to a childhood accident where our main character fell into a frozen lake, she now suffers from "hydrophobia". As there's no further reference to her foaming at the mouth, I can only assume he means "aquaphobia". The list goes on.

And yet, it doesn't matter.

Deception Point isn't about literary prowess, it's about plot, pacing and frantic page-turning. And it has all that in spades. Reading Deception Point is like watching a season of 24. Sure, it's hardly realistic - in fact it's cliched and silly most of the time - but admit it: you're having a great time and you don't want it to end. And you can't go to sleep until you just find out what happens next...

There seem to be a lot of Dan Brown haters out there judging by a quick glance at the reviews. But frankly, if you don't like it you don't have to read it. It seems odd that the people who claim to hate his books never seem to have any trouble finishing them. I love lobster and Filet Mignon. But I also love a Domino's Pizza. This is a Domino's Pizza. It never pretends to be anything else. And it's a bloody good one.
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message 1: by Phyllis (new)

Phyllis So true....I have a long commute and listening to this book made it fly. Pass me another slice.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

This metaphor is so true!

message 3: by Ellison (new) - added it

Ellison Desrochers I completely agree with your review, and I especially love the metaphor of Domino's Pizza. No one argues that a salad would be better for you to eat (just like how there are many book out there that are better to read then any Dan Brown book), but ninety percent of people would take the pizza over the salad in a second. I did think this was his most boring book, mainly because the plot was to predictable and the storyline featuring Gabrielle and Rachel's father was a little boring in my opinion.

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