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Runaway Storm by D.E. Knobbe
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Feb 21, 2010

it was amazing
Read in January, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Nate was not a happy camper in more ways than one. His mother was leaving him with him with his father for the summer while she ran off to “do her own thing” in Paris with her newest boyfriend.

The summer seemed that it was going to be fun. After all Nate’s dad promised him a month of kayaking in the Gulf Islands but at the last minute informed Nate that he had to cancel their plans because he was needed on “urgent business”. Nate was furious at this commenting to his friend Sam, “Tell me what urgent business could a geologist have?”

As the two of them sat and talked, Nate decided he was going to go to Vancouver anyway and take that kayaking trip by himself. There was no way his mother would cancel his trip and his dad wouldn’t know until he got home. He and Sam decided it was a plan that would work. Nate began to get ready for his trip.

Reaching Vancouver, he planned to get ready and leave as soon as possible so as to not attract the attention of any of the neighbors. When he went to the garage to pack up supplies much to his surprise he found a beautiful yellow Kayak there. It must have been meant as his birthday present. He was naturally thrilled and had the Kayak, he named Solace, packed for the trip in no time.

With help from his former classmate and friend Mike Watson, he was ready for his adventure. After rigging a contraption so he could lower the kayak into the water, Nate was off, so far, no one the wiser that he was a minor all on his own.

After kayaking, he stopped at a small island and bought some basics. After some time kayaking like a pro, Nate met some kids who had no homes and were determined never to go back to foster care. After gaining their trust, they all became friends and worked together to keep the camp in good shape and keep out of the watchful eye of the ever wandering Department of Fisheries employees who made routine checks of the area.

As the days and weeks progressed, all seemed fine until Nate found out that his mother and father had discovered he was missing. Not wanting to make life hard for his friends or have them found because of all the people who were looking for him, Nate decided it was time he left. He slipped into his Kayak and took off heading down river to find a little island or area where he could lie low for awhile.

About the time Nate was thinking things were going to work out, a huge storm appeared and struck with such force that he struggled to keep the Kayak from rolling. But rolling it did and Nate found himself underwater wondering what to do. Then he remembered all this times he had practiced a maneuver designed to right an upside down Kayak. Despite all his failures at camp, this time Nate got it right and was soon back in the upright position and searching for a place to settle, rest and think about what his next move might be.

As he began to set up his shelter, he met up with a young girl in a sailboat, sail undone, needing some assistance to get her ship seaworthy. This young girl, dressed all in black, introduced herself to Nate as Kat. They made a trade for help with Kate putting up her campsite and Nate getting fresh water. It was one that Nate couldn’t resist so he took “Goth girl” (a private nickname he gave her because of her appearance) up on her offer.

Suddenly they spied a sailboat. After a few moments, the motor sputtered and died. Those on the ship, Jimmy, Tanya and Stef rowed to shore to ask for assistance. They all agreed that they would help the three stranded the very next day. A bit after this, Nate began to get a strange feeling about the three marooned visitors. Between conversation, flags changing to the fact that overnight the boats name and origin had been changed, Nate came to the conclusion that these three were trouble.

What happens next in the story is exciting, thrilling and downright genius on the part of the author. The predicament they put Kat and Nate in is fantastic in it’s suspense and the get away of the three only adds a much needed boost of adrenaline to the reader. But as they say, “all good books must come to an end” and luckily for Nate and Kat they are rescued from the island, the coast guard does it’s part dealing with Jimmy, Stef and Tanya and Kat gets the medical attention she needs.

This is one book I have to be totally honest when I say, I loved it although it is meant for a teenage age group. So much so, that I will be purchasing several copies of it as gifts as well as donating a copy to our local middle school. As for my copy? That will go on a shelf I have that holds books that have touched me in some special way. And this one did just that. Check for yourself and see if it speaks to you or the teen in your life. I would bet it will and it will find a place on your permanent bookshelf as well.
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Eliza Hallet Great review. Loved this book Runaway Storm too! Did you see the book trailer on youtube. Here's the link

anybody else read it yet? Great outdoors action and scenery...felt like I was there.
Eliza Hallet [image error]

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