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A page-turner that will engage your mind and emotions in a way few novels do. The narrative is headlong, the issues have never been more current, and the characters come alive from the page. This is a story about the lies we tell until the truth is forced upon us, and about divided countries, including those of the human heart. I started reading; I ended up experiencing. The Lie is what great fiction is all about.
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April I just read about this book yesterday! I will put this one on hold, too! Many thanks! I love your reading recommendations!

Sonya & johansen & love mr.king i love your books. my favorite book of your's is joyland. your an amzing author

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris :)

message 4: by stacy (new) - added it

stacy think i'll recomend it for our book club

message 5: by Fox Wilson (new)

Fox Wilson I love your books! ;)

Kristen L. Freeman From one Constant Reader to another, I will take your lead on a good book just waiting for me to crack open the cover and delve right in. I look forward to it :)

message 7: by Zsanett (new)

Zsanett :)

Rita M. Buchler Have

message 9: by Debra Greene (new)

Debra Greene Love too read this book!

message 10: by Cindy (new) - added it

Cindy Will read this....

message 11: by mary soto (new)

mary soto I trust your opinion. From a man that can scare the ---out me!

message 12: by Destiney (new)

Destiney savedge i love that book i read it about 20 times

message 13: by Setareh (new) - added it

Setareh Mr. King your book on writing has made me become closer to myself. And maybe you. It may sound creepy, but it goes with me in my bag wherever I'm going.

Sharon Herron I became acquainted with your writing in 1977 and have always been astounded by your imagination. I especially liked your novel, 11/22/63--excellent!!

Nanette Erickson This review makes me want to read this book. So I think I will.

April Finished it last night. It was a great book that I never would have read had it not been for your recommendation. Thanks!

message 17: by MATTHEW AYEMOBA (new)

MATTHEW AYEMOBA The human heart?!?!!!! Awesome!!!

message 18: by BobbieAltman (new)

BobbieAltman Mr .king is the best

message 19: by candy potter (new) - added it

candy potter Your my favorite author

message 20: by Sharon Riley (new)

Sharon Riley I want to hear by audio- "Mr. Mercedes" by Stephen King

message 21: by Jimmy (new)

Jimmy Eaton Stephen, I have been reading your novels for many years. I am currently reading "The Talisman". Black House is next. Thank you for all the years of enjoyment.

message 22: by David (new) - added it

David Mr Mercedes is your best work ever

Donna McLaughlin I have loved your wonderful writing, Mr. King, I read one of your books back in the '60s, and have fell in love with your writing ever since. I have so many of your books. You have quite a fabulous imagination. I only wish I could learn to write. I've always wanted to write, but never knew where to start, and now I'm 69. Anyway, I thank you for all the "weird" pleasure in your books that you have brought us fans. I felt so bad when I heard about your accident, but with God's help He's brought you a long way. I pray you still don't have a lot of pain. Keep up your God-given gift, we truly enjoy your talent!! Thank you very much and God bless you now and always. Now, I just wish you could communicate back, then my wish would come true. : D. -- Donna McLaughlin

Kianna Monet McBride I am reading the same book

danny kieth cleland I like to watch every movie and book

message 26: by benita garcia (new)

benita garcia my mom reads steven king

message 27: by benita garcia (new)

benita garcia k hi

Kimilla Eitel Mr. King, I have read most everything you write. I've even read the Dark Tower Series. Can't wait to read this one. Thank you for your wonderful mind

Gabriel Ramírez bhg

message 30: by kay harrigan (new) - added it

kay harrigan I adore all of stephen kings books I think favorite is the Tailsman and Black House.

Jennifer Rivera When I was engaged my fiance bought me your collection in hardback, I'm looking forward to reading this. Nice that there's things that last like my favorite Authors. You & Alice Walker were my first favorites and I am a lifelong reader as the generations before and after are. It's truly a gift to escape into your books I'm looking forward to this one! Thanks for your gift of Storytelling.

message 32: by Garrett (new)

Garrett Nver read. Worst fuckin book ever.

message 33: by Testy (new)

Testy McTesterson nice book

message 34: by Vernon Barnes (new)

Vernon Barnes Favorites are "The Long Walk" and "Rage". Can't understand why "Long Walk" not a movie. Love your character development and just when I think I have it, another twist. Can't help but notice recent books are based on life occurrences and bringing back characters. I gobble them up like the rest, but miss the old style of brand new themes, plots, and characters. In any case, "You 'da Man!" - past and present.

message 35: by Martin (new) - added it

Martin When I was young raising 5 children ,and mostly broke , I would literally shake on the way to the library to get a new Stephen King book. Thank you for many years of entertainment. ( Now I buy them).

message 36: by angela tsui (new) - added it

angela tsui Turn the page of time in thoughts of literature.

message 37: by Rufus (new)

Rufus Thank you for your review!

message 38: by Tony Walden (new) - added it

Tony Walden Good to get reviews from someone who is a master at his trade. Let's you appreciate new and very well written books by authors you may have otherwise looked over

message 39: by Yvonne King (new)

Yvonne King I am a horror fanatic. But I really enjoy your books. My daughter gets me the new ones when they come out.

message 40: by Rhonda (new)

Rhonda Stephen King,is my favorite author. All his books I have read,have been awesome. Very hard to put them down till tomorrow!

message 41: by Anita (new) - added it

Anita Harris Mr King between you and Dean Koonts you sparked my love for reading. I started reading when I was very young, about five years old. My whole family read, and always had a book in their hands. Even at the table while eating. I read anything I can get my hands on except biography, those I leave to my sister who is much more interested in history than I am. I prefer horror, suspense, true crime, and anything paranormal. The book you reviewed sounds great and I will get around to reading it as soon as possible. Thank you for the recommendation.

message 42: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Mr. King, I have collected your works since the age of fifteen. I currently have all but a few resting on my shelf. All first editions. My favorite by far, is the dark tower series. I would LOVE to see them made into a movie. I have been watching The Walking Dead and Andrew Lincoln would make the perfect Roland. This epic series rivals that of Tolkien's! Love the way you incorporated real events into the stories. You are Gan's naval and he doesn't make mistakes. Thank you, Constant Writer for years of enjoyment and taking me to new worlds. Truly yours, A Constant Reader

message 43: by hema uk (new) - added it

hema uk nice

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Andres o

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Andres mo

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Andres o


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Andres o




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Andres .

message 49: by Andres (new)

Andres m










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Andres l


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