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Sweet Nothings by Catherine Anderson
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Feb 20, 2010

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Read on March 20, 2011

Again I was disappointed by this series...
When I started reading this book I thought it would be very different from the first 2 (which I didn't really like that much), but it wasn't, not at all. I mean, it was definitely a bit better than them but not much.

The book started out great. A girl appears at Jack's home; she seems totally lost and in desperate need of help. He realizes from the start she is definitely hiding things and lying to him but he can see the good in her and thinks she just needs help and is in some deep trouble. He helps her to get better and be able to believe in herself again. Over all, it was a sweet and cute little romance.


First, as it happened to me with the rest of the books in this series, I hated that the plot seemed forced and predictable. I was never really able to feel sorry for the heroine because the whole thing seemed like a huge telenovela. Way too dramatic. I like it when we read about heroes and heroines from a novel having some trouble and being able to solve it but when the problem is way too big and important an they are able to solve it too easy I'm just not able to enjoy it. It seemed lame and false how everything ended. I don't know, It started out great but by the end I just wanted it to end fast.

Second and most important, I was terribly annoyed by the heroine. You just can't live in the 21st century, be the daughter of a very rich businessman who loved you very much and took the time and trouble to educate you and end the way you did. I get you were an 18 year-old when you got married with an asshole, but did you have to stayed married with him for 10 years? Really, didn't you just noticed it was never going to work? It really had to take you 10 years to see he would never stop cheating on you and treating you like sh*t? I get that she was a huge catholic and all and wanted to respect the marital vows, but seriously 10 years of that should have been more than enough to realize it was not your fault and do something about it... but now she had to let it become even a worst situation.

last but not least... the hero was cute at the beginning but then it was just too perfect, really JUST TOO PERFECT. A guy kissing your cellulite and telling you is the best thing ever isn't hot for me. I like heroes who can be able to love a heroine without caring for her flaws but this was just too much. It felt forced.

I hate this thing I have about not being able to stop reading series after I started them. I have left some aside but because they were rated with less than 2 stars for me. S far this series is a 3 stars rating and I'll keep reading it but I definitely do NOT recommend it...
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