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Beyond the Darkness by Alexandra Ivy
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** spoiler alert ** I have read every book in this series so far and it seems to have gotten much better in the last two books IMO. This is the first shifter-werewolf story.All the previous books are about the delicious and sexy Vampires. And although I love the vamps, the shifter-weres have taken a special place in my heart. lol I love me some sexhay shifter-were men. And Salvadore does not disappoint. However, when he first appeared in the series, I disliked him. He seemed too arrogant, too confident, too full of himself. He still remains that way in this book but it seems a bit different, just a bit subdued. He has met his match with Harley, who recognizes he is drop-dead gorgeous werewolf, but doesn't allow him to get away with his arrogance. And he has realized that he has met his true mate and he has to convince her that she is. The smex is good and the action kept me guessing at what would happen next. There was still a couple of lose ends that didn't get tied up, but I guess that why it's a series. I can't wait to read the next book.

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