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Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer
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it was amazing
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For those of you like me who loved Annihilation and struggled with Authority, you will be happy to know that this book is more like Annihilation than Authority. We are back in Area-X with Ghost Bird and Control, although there are multiple view points alternating through this book that also bring us back to the history of Area-X.

The thing that I adore most about these books is the writing. The haunting metaphors that set the tone for this mind-fuck of a novel. The pacing was perfect, and the book drew me in from the first page and did not let go, something I struggled with a midst the politics of Authority.

The characters can be a bit confusing, especially since many of them have given up their prior names and go by nicknames. Such as Biologist, The Director or Control, although they may be referred to as their other names on occasion.

This is not a book that you can speed read, since you will miss some important details, and not get the full effect of the amazing writing.

While it doesn't answer all the questions posed in the first two books, I do feel like many of the important ones are answered, and I love it when details that seem insignificant come back in a big way. Chekhov's guns in disguise, just waiting to go off. It makes me want to go back and re-read the entire series, so I can discover elements I never noticed before.

While everything isn't tied up in a neat little package, Vandermeer allows us to draw our own conclusions from the end, a fitting finish for this trilogy and one that will keep you thinking about this book hours after you close it.

Highly recommended for fans of weird Science Fiction or weird in general.

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Mike Awesome! Can't wait until it is available to us plebians who didn't win the GR giveaway ;-)

Kaora You will not be disappointed!

message 3: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy Thanks, "liked Annihilation and struggled with Authority" fit me well. The final section of book two ensured I would read the third and you have given me hope it will all be worth it!

Justin Don't see the struggle with Authority. To me it set up the final instalment beautifully and in many ways was the most harrowing, Whitby was it's star, he was like a personification of Area X. Which of course makes a lot more sense now. I wonder if VandeerMeer will publish Whitby's terroir in full, as a spin off or appendix.

Kaora Authority was a bit different in that it was more about the company politics than the exploration of Area-X, which is why I struggled with it.

Nick Varela Who was the linguist i feel like I missed something with the last paragraph involving her

Kaora She dropped out in book 1 before the expedition went into Area X.

Nick Varela Yeah and they revisited that scenario at the end of book three when the director told her she didn't have to go and it caused a change in the director, really strange... There's a million other things to dwell on I don't know why that in particular got to me haha

Mike Glad you liked it Kaora and great review!

Sadly I thought the lack of resolution really degraded my enjoyment of the book which is a shame because I really liked the first two.

message 10: by A (new) - rated it 4 stars

A Grandjean I think that you described the writing perfectly!

Sarah Wingo Ibsen's gun, but yes. Great review.

Trish So, I'm thinking about reading the trilogy but since there are so many different reviews, I'm kind of torn/afraid. Just to be clear: we do get answers in the end? Because that woud be important to me. I don't need the author to explain everything in boring detail but I don't want the story to be like LOST (the TV show).

message 13: by Mike (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mike Trish wrote: "So, I'm thinking about reading the trilogy but since there are so many different reviews, I'm kind of torn/afraid. Just to be clear: we do get answers in the end? Because that woud be important to ..."

My interpretation (and by no means should this be considered the end all be all) is that a lot is left unanswered both in terms of events and character fates. Obviously your mileage may vary.

Trish Hm, still a hard choice. I guess, for the moment I will stick to my gazillions of books already on my TBR stack.

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