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Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus
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Feb 18, 2010

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You know, it would be easier if I could find the Myth collection I'm reading, but meh, I guess that would make reviews harder.

This is pretty short story and I guess it might be interesting if I hadn't heard it by word of mouth a million times over. I'm pretty sure my dad used to tell my most of these Greek myths when I was a kid so this was just kind of a review. However, there is something I find more interesting in the full-text version. Prometheus is the progenitor of not only fire, but also hope, medicine, and the trades and techniques of humanity. Essentially, Prometheus is a much more prominent figure.

I've come to call Prometheus 'The Savior', for what he represents. Imagine Prometheus is Jesus, or Baldur, or any other deity or being that exists for the benefit of humanity; do that for me because they are pretty much all the same. The idea, essentially, is that humans have a tendency to want to make things seem better than they are, I suppose so that they can pretend tomorrow will be better.

Look at Zeus in this story; he abandons humanity to die without fire, hope, or medicine, and then he mercilessly punishes Prometheus for defying his rule. Prometheus, on the other hand nourishes and cares for mankind. It happens again and again in religion. Christian god is the law, the ineffable judgment, but Jesus has all the humanity we can recognize - just like Prometheus has the humanity and emotions the Greeks could recognize.

I guess it interests me most just to see this trend of humanity wanting the God figure juxtaposed to the Savior but they don't want to combine them.

Also, getting banished to hell by the earth cracking open and then chained to a rock so birds can eat out your liver is pretty hardcore. The only thing that stuck in my mind more was Sisyphus.

They were good at punishments. Imagine if Jesus had been chained to a rock for all eternity with birds eating his liver? Would there be rocks with a man chained to them on people's walls?... Think I could buy that?


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