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The Hunt by Anne Marsh
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Feb 12, 2010

it was ok

Okay, this book is what would happen if Sherrilyn Kenyon watched Stargate, and used some were-cats as her men as if they were Alexi Morgan's Paladins. But minus the world building. As a first book for author Anne Marsh, I guess it's okay, but there was absolutely, positively, zero world building. But hey, that's okay, because if you've seen Stargate, there you go!
Okay, it takes place in a fantasy world, but is heavy with Egyptian overtones. (I thought, is this Egypt? is this another planet? Is this the future, wait they have swords and horses...ancient Egypt?)
A theif named Miu is posing as one of the virgins of the Hunt to gain entrance into the temple, but on her way in, intrigues one of the Guardians, and offends the Amun Ra. The Amun Ra is (stargate rip off here) an alien being who is extra super powerful and who re-animates dead/dying warriors with his Cats. So Miu is sent on her way, but is trying to avoid being mated by one of the Guardians chasing the virgins. Jafar, however, is told by Ra to follow her to see what she's about. He does. They fall into lust and it becomes a male/female dominance thing. The only part I actually did NOT like was she was punished by an orgasmic spanking and fingering in front of all of the Guardians. It was humiliating to read. It really made me mad that as strong as she was, she let that slide, and that it was even in there at all! But other than that, Jafar saves her thieving hide by mating and belling her (she wears his bells) and then they try to save her sister from a bad guy. The bad guy is an ifrik (an alien, and the Guardians' sworn enemy) who likes to come to their world and steal women. -It was Paladins similarity time, guardian the doorways to the Others and keeping them in their world.-
Overall, I would say it was a quick read, that had a TON of potential, but got to be confusing due to lack of info from the author. From big things like the world building...where the heck were they?! To little things like his hand is down her leather pants, oh but in the next sentence she "spreads herself open for him"...with pants on? How did that happen? There is so much potential to this series that i will probably read her next one, and let that one be the decider for me on Ms. Anne Marsh. 2 1/2 stars
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