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Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh
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Feb 12, 2010

really liked it
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Read from March 27 to April 05, 2010

In Singh's futuristic world, people have evolved into beings with special talents. The changelings are shifters and the Psy are a race of people with enhanced abilities.

Blaze of Memory delves deeper into the group of people known as The Forgotten- Psys who dropped out of the Silence Protocol long ago when it was first enacted.

Sensing the excising of emotions from the Psy, which The Silence Protocol did to perfection, would lead to ruin- The Forgotten has formed its own culture and leadership and that leadership will stop at nothing to keep its people hidden from the ruthless Psy.

When a frightened, ethereal woman gets dumped on his doorstep, Dev Santos, the current protector of the Forgotten, knows it’s a setup, but he cannot stand by when someone is in need.

Ekaterina, dubbed Katya by the enigmatic leader of The Forgotten, has no memory of who she is at the moment, but she’s more frightened of what she was- and who she’s programmed to become.

Knowing her memories have been messed with she’s desperate to get away from Dev, sensing she’s more danger to him than he is to her. But Dev won’t let her go and the more time they spend together the closer they become.

Quickly, their hearts form a deep connection- even before their minds accept it- but one of them may not make it out alive. One thing’s for sure, if Katya’s a sleeper agent sent to destroy Dev, she’s the perfect weapon.

I'm very pleased to report I enjoyed Blaze of Memory MUCH more than the last couple that came out in this series. Dev and Katya were smokin' hot together.

I thought Dev was deliciously alpha- even though he wasn't a changeling- and I loved his psy talent. More importantly I really liked Katya! She was certainly wounded, but I LOVED the way she didn't back down- even to the evil Psy who tried to destroy her. In her last book, Singh tried to make the female an alpha (can't even remember her name) and it didn't work for me- she just came off looking like a little girl "calling herself" an alpha female. Without even trying, Katya became more of a natural leader than that character.

The book ends in nothing less than romantic bliss- be prepared to have your heart melt... and keep the tissues close at hand. :)
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Ctanner I think this book was one of the weakest of Singh's Psy-Changeling series. I love the Changelings. I think they are the ones who give life to the series and I was disappointed that one of the leads in this book was not a Changeling. You may have another experience with the book. I cannot wait for Hawke's book.

message 2: by Zeek (last edited Mar 28, 2010 05:23AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Zeek I've had it for a little bit- I was sorta disappointed with the last which was why I wasn't in a hurry with this one. Haven't started quite yet...hopefully this evening! we'll see.

I'm looking forward to Hawk's story too!

message 3: by Zeek (last edited Apr 06, 2010 03:43AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Zeek Ok, read it and I surprisingly really liked it! I thought Dev was deliciously alpha= even though he wasnt' a changeling- and loved his psy talent and really liked Katya! She was certainly vulnerable but LOVED the way she didn't back down. In the last book Singh tried to make the female an alpha (can't even remember her name) and it didn't work for me- she just came off looking like a little girl "calling herself" an alpha female. Without even trying, Katya came off more of a natural leader than that chick, imo.

And these two were smokin' hot together! :P

message 4: by Shannon (last edited Apr 06, 2010 04:42AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Shannon C. I agree. I was surprised I liked it as well as I did b/c it didn't have a changeling as one of the main characters. Generally I didn't like the ones that had an emotionless psy as a lead character, because I like the emotional connection that usually happens in a romance.

Have you tried Singh's Guild Hunters series? I LOVE that series, even better than Psy/Changelings. It reminds me of a combination of Night Huntress by Frost and BDB by Ward. Frost in the way it follows a H/H across a series and the heroine is reluctant at first for the relationship. Ward in the way it feels darker and has a group of fighters (Cadre vs Brothers). I read that she will probably do some spin off books later about the Cadre characters.\

Angels' Blood
Archangel's Kiss

Zeek I have them both in my TBR pile! I know everyone says it's a great series- I really need to get to it!!

KindleRomance Reviews Thanks for the tissue warning. Definitely needed them! I think this might have been one of my favorite of the series.

Zeek I'm very up and down about this series but this one I srsly enjoyed!

message 8: by Shannon (last edited Feb 13, 2011 07:50AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Shannon C. Oh, I loved this one. One of my favs in the series. What a tearjerker. I got teary eyed around page 30! Then of course toward end I was bawling. I ended up loving the characters.

This is one of those series that grew on me. When I first started it I thought it was good but not great. Then as I kept reading I grew to love the characters & world and it's become one of my fav PNR series.

Zeek, did you try Angel's Blood? Just wondering what you thought? I know you like alpha heros and Raphael seems like the ultimate alpha to me. I love his character. Some think he's a bit much, but I think he and Elena go well together.

Zeek I have the books just have to get them read because everyone seems to love them! Thinking these are my next books! And Yes I'm a huge alpha male fan! :p

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