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Coyote's Mate by Lora Leigh
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Feb 12, 2010

it was amazing
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You know the kind of book that so good it wraps you in a thick blanket of warm fuzzies so that even when you put the book down your so consumed with the story it's difficult to focus? Coyote's Mate is one such book.

If you've read Leigh's Wolf Breed book, Aiden's Charity, you've already been introduced to the hero/heroine in this book.

At that time, Del Rey, Alpha of the Coyotes, needed the wolf breeds' Doctor to check on his woman exhibiting strange symptoms. Since the coyotes have isolated themselves from the other breeds, they have no idea that Del Rey's woman is in fact in heat, until Aiden informs him of the phenomenon known only to a select few of the genetically enhanced creatures known as Breeds. Once Del Rey realizes that Anya is his mate- the one woman to complete him- the pieces start coming together for the stubborn coyote.

Coyote's Mate occurs before and a little after these events and continues Anya & Del Rey's story, following them through some intense personal struggles.

Anya's been intrigued by the silent, deadly coyote breed Del Rey, nicknamed the Coyote Ghost, since the age of sixteen when she approached him for help in rescuing the coyote breeds being held captive in a Russian compound. Though Anya's the daughter of the scientists who work for the big bads who keep the breed imprisoned, she knows what is happening to the coyote's is wrong and she means to do something about it- with or without the enigmatic breed's help.

When Anya makes contact with Del Rey in a seedy bar, he thinks she's a fool and dismisses her immediately. But something about her draws him and he eventually agrees to help her, if her story doesn't prove false.

Years later, Anya is still waiting for their ultimate rescue. Although the Coyote Ghost has pulled some of the breeds from the fire of captivity, he hasn't finished the job. When she questions him for the final time, little does she know that he's planning the mission for that very day- and that he means to take her captive in the process. (Much loved by the people of the compound in Russia, especially by those of her family, Del Rey knows they will not fight if Anya is with him.)

Afterward, she of course cannot believe the man she trusted all those years, betrayed her in such a way. After all, he promised to pull her family out too. When he leaves them behind, wounded but alive, she vows in her heart to never forgive him, even though some mighty strange things are happening in her body that she knows is somehow tied to the hard-nosed breed.

When the Coyotes arrive in America, and Haven, the wolf breed compound, discovers their existence, Anya formerly requests a separation from her mate. A consul is convened to decide what to do and after some deliberation they agree to the separation, even though it is unprecedented. Del Rey, upset and unsure what to do about his mate's reticence, agrees to stay away for one year, but he knows full well after that time he's coming for her- reticence be damned.

He lasts eight months and in that time Anya has grown into the leader she's meant to become. She has learned to administer the bunch of breeds who live at Base, the coyote compound, even though the lot of them tend toward laziness while in down time.

When Del Rey arrives back at Base it doesn't take long for Anya's mating heat to make a reappearance, despite the fact she's been on hormone supplements to keep a lid on the worst of the mating heat symptoms.

Anya loves Del Rey with all her heart and she's working to get over her mate's previous betrayals but when he- the man who shares such intimacy and claims she is the soul of one who everyone thought had no soul- refuses to give her the official ceremony that will make her his Coya, the mated second of his pack, Anya has had enough.

Oh, she sticks around for much longer than she should have, imo, and even goes back to his bed- because she cannot deny the other part of her heart. But when the coyotes start dividing and a breed close to Del Rey makes it painfully evident they don't trust her, she decides its time to leave.

Still, Anya has one last thing to take care of despite her mate's refusal to grant her demands for the breeds at Base. She has to get to the people who know the coyote's best, the scientists left behind in Russia, because more than anything the Coyote's need their own doctor- those who knows their physiology which is so different from the other breeds- and little does she know that she will need them most of all.

In the meantime, a group of men are doing their best to break the back of the Breed alliance the three groups of breeds are working toward. (Feline, Wolf & Coyote.) And they mean to do so, by breaking the most vulnerable- the Coyote Alpha.

Will her sacrifice make the difference or will Del Rey's stubbornness be the end of both of them as well as the breed alliance?

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this story. Both characters are wonderfully defined and it's very easy to get a grasp on them. At different times I wanted to wring Del Rey's neck, even though he thought he was doing what was best for his mate, and at other times he just melted my heart. Long told that the coyote's had no soul, it made for some uber romantic reading when he finally realized he did- and it was Anya who held it.

He does some stupid things under the guise of protecting her from his enemies and it made me cry and then rail at her as well for giving in to him so often. But, in the end, she does make a stand. Anya's growth throughout the story is seamless and a joy to watch.

Heart wrenching and sensual, this book is a romance lovers dream. 5 out of 5 from me! If your following Leigh's Breeds, you won't be disappointed with this one.
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