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A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
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The comment on the back of this book by Washington Post totally described my feeling about A Thousand Splendid Suns:
"In case you're wondering whether A Thousand Splendid Suns is as good as The Kite Runner, here's the answer: No. It's better." :):)

Once again, Hosseini successfully impressed me with this beautifully written story of life in Afghanistan. This is not a first time for me reading a story of Afghan women suffering under the power of Taliban. But this one surely leaves a deep impression in me.

---A Thousand Splendid Suns is a story regarding the lives of two women, Mariam and Laila. At first it seems impossible for them to interact with each other. However, fate seems to bring them together through war.

During Mariam’s teenage years, she was left by her mother who hangs herself, and unwanted by her father who has 3 wives and 9 other children. So Mariam was given away by her father to an old man named Rasheed. He’s a shoemaker living in Kabul, 20 years older than Mariam. Mariam was forced to marry Rasheed and she started living in Kabul. Her life with Rasheed is not happy at all.
And there's Laila, who was born years after that, almost a generation apart from Mariam. She lost her brothers and parents from war. Rasheed had saved Laila when he found her in the street, wounded. He took her home and seems to grow interest in Laila’s beautiful features. But Laila has somebody else in mind, her childhood friend, Tariq. She’s in love with him and wanted to go look for Tariq in Pakistan. But unfortunately, someone came with the news regarding Tariq’s death. Laila was devastated by this news and grew depressed. But when she realizes that she was pregnant with Tariq’s baby, Laila quickly takes the decision to marry Rasheed, just like that guy wanted.

Mariam and Laila didn’t have a good relationship at first, because Mariam sees Laila as a girl who steals her husband. Both of them have to suffer from Rasheed’s violent abuse. And when one day Laila saved Mariam from it, she started to open herself to this teenage girl. They started telling each other’s life and a bond is formed from that day. Mariam and Laila take care and helped each other in needs. But the story doesn’t stop there. Both of them faced a lot of misfortunes and hardships in life, yet they always have each other to lean on and to trust.

Well, I don’t have any favorite characters in this book. I like Tariq, but he doesn’t show up very much in the book, so my feelings for him didn’t grow that much. :D BUT, I do have the least favorite character. Who else? Of course Rasheed, the crazy-psychotic guy who only wants a boy for a child, hit his own wife and lock them inside a toolshed without food and drink for days. I would never ever understand his way of thinking. And then there’s the Taliban with all the Voice of Shari’a rules. I was frowning and frowning even more when I read the rules. I can’t believe that Afghan people actually live a life following those rules. It’s just unthinkable. *sigh*

Anyways, I love this book because of the strong storyline and of course the beautiful way Hosseini writes it. He is an absolutely amazing story-teller. If he writes another book, I will – without a doubt – read it. :):)

5 stars for Hosseini, officially one of my favorite authors.

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Mia Prasetya *nungguin review Stefanie* :) Tertarik untuk baca buku ini, tapi semua pada mewek-mewek bacanya :p

Stefanie Sugia hahahah. mudah2an saya ga mewek juga.. :DD

Mia Prasetya Gimana non? Mewek ga? hehehe, baca reviewmu tambah pengen baca buku ini :)

Stefanie Sugia hahaha, aku sih ga mewek.. :DD terlalu sedih sih engga, cuman kasian aja sama pemeran utamanya.. ^^ bacaa ayoo bacaa~ :D

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