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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
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Feb 08, 2010

it was amazing
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Read from April 04 to 06, 2012 — I own a copy , read count: 1

Okay, so I absolutely loved this! Took me long enough to read it, I KNOW. But have you SEEN the size of my to-read list?! Anyway, I saw the movie on the 4th - I know, I know, before the book! I think it worked out well though. Read the book first, and you go into the movie knowing everything and picking it apart. But see the movie first and you can really enjoy it (if it's any good), and THEN read the book and be all, oh wow this is even better! Of course that only works when the movie's good, I mean if I'd seen Percy Jackson on screen first I might never have picked up the books :/ but this one worked this way, much the same as Tomorrow When the War Began.

So I knew what to expect going in to the book, but I didn't know *exactly* what to expect because there was every possibility of things being changed. And of course they were very different - it surprised me at first that the book was written in the first person, but then I think it works a lot better than if the book had been third person, just as it works best to have the movie third person so we can really see all that's going on. Like the Gamemakers actually being all creepy and evil. *shudders*

I thought the Katniss/Peeta "romance" worked a lot better in the book, when you're in Katniss' mind. There was MUCH more depth to that storyline. But on the whole, reading the book, I thought that the movie was pretty faithful to it. Of course a few things were trimmed down or cut out completely, but not a lot. Not that I noticed, anyway.

I loved where the book ended. Definitely made me hungry to start the second book right away! But of course I can't comment so much on the twists, since I knew them from the movie. However, another thing that was much clearer in the book was how much trouble Katniss was in at the end. So that startled me because the movie hadn't been so obvious about it.

Btw those wasps still scare the crap out of me! And I have a bit of a crush on Foxface. It really sucks how everyone else had to die. I mean there was just no out. Foxface, Rue, Thresh... just no hope. And that makes me sad. I seriously love the idea here though... it's SO damn creepy and horrible, but then what of Roman gladiators etc? It's not entirely farfetched... just seems so, in this day and age. Makes for a horrible dystopian future *shudders* It just seems like such a terrible form of entertainment - people watching the Games live, seeing the kids actually kill and be killed! And the Gamemakers fucking them around to make it more dramatic. Wow. The fact that the cameras are on their every move. It's the be-all and end-all of reality TV shows o.O WHAT an idea.
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Sandra Yay, more Foxface love! Makes me happy!

Sally I loved her in the film and was glad that film!her was really quite spot-on :)

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