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Play by Kylie Scott
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Mar 17, 2014

really liked it

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Play, is the second novel in Kylie Scott's Stage Dive series. I was desperately wondering if I was going to enjoy the other members of the band as much as David Ferris in Lick. Kylie manages to keep Play moving at a fast pace, makes Mal (the drummer) seem like a pretty normal guy who is actually incredibly sweet, and of course keeps it sexy with the chemistry between Anne and Mal. The witty banter between Mal and Anne is what made this book at times.

The book starts out with Anne Rollins coming home to an empty apartment. Her roommate who she was lending money to decided to up and ditch her. Not the best ending to anyone's day. Lauren, who lives in the apartment next door, talks Anne into attending a party hosted by David Ferris and Ev. At the party, she’s met Malcom Ericson, Stage Dive’s drummer and her teenage crush. Their first meeting is a hoot.

No question about it. It really was most definitely without a doubt him.
The man had hooker lips, I shit you not, high cheek bones and one of those notches in his chin. I’d never understood the appeal of those things before. Now I got it. But it was him as a whole that blew my mind. The parts meant nothing without the amused gleam in his eye and the hint of a smirk. God, I hated people who smirked. Apparently, I also wanted to lick them all over because my mouth started watering.
“I’m Mal,” he said.
“I–I know,” I stuttered.
His smirk heightened. “I know you know.”
Huh. I kept my mouth shut.
“Sounds like someone had a bad day.”
Nope, I still had nothing. A brain dead stare was the best I could do.

What happens next is unexpected to say the least when Mal moves in with Anne and of course you can imagine things heat up between them. Anne is definitely a female lead I can get behind. She is funny, straightforward and doesn't put up with too much of Mal's crap. She gives it back as good as she takes it from him. Mal is an absolute sweetheart for a rockstar. He really seemed like a guy you would want to be friends with even though he is a rock god.

The crux of the story is family dynamics for both Anne and Mal. I don't want to give away too much but it was nice to see the roles almost reversed for once. The rock god has a solid family and the heroine's family is anything but golden. Of course, it wouldn't be a romance if there wasn't a little tragedy and you get it in Play.

Not only do you see these family dynamics with their individual families, you also see how Stage Dive really treat each other with the respect you would give your own flesh and blood. The band is a tight unit and it is warming to see that they have each other's back. It makes you eagerly anticipate the next books.

The Stage Dive series should definitely be on anyone's short list who enjoys a good rock star romance. There was not a single moment in this book that made me want to put it down. It was a ridiculously, satisfying quick read. I actually laughed out loud at some of Mal's lines and the constant banter between he and Anne. I put this book down with a smile on my face!

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