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The Darkest Passion by Gena Showalter
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Feb 04, 2010

it was amazing
bookshelves: romance-pnr, demons, read-in-2010

The Darkest Passions left me eager to read the next installment, The Darkest Lie, which comes out next week! The first three books of this series was very good, not great, in my opinion. But throughout the series I have slowly come to like the Lords and since reading The Darkest Whisper and now The Darkest Passion I am really engrossed in this series. The series has gotten so much better and this current installment was just as good as the last!

Spoiler Alert Below!!!

Olivia, once an Angel to bring Joy, has been promoted to an Angel Warrior. Her first task is to kill Aeron, the Demon of Wrath, because he helped save a demon from hell and now she comes and goes as she pleases between realms. Olivia doesn't have it in her to kill Aeron. She has been watching him from a distance and wants to touch, caress and have fun with Aeron. She can't kill him so she becomes a Fallen Angel. Now a mortal human with no wings and limited power she calls Aeron to help her. Aeron, doesn't want her to stay as a human and he has 14 days to make her realize that she belongs above and not with him. She's been giving a second chance to be an Angel but she doesn't want it. Because of this these two are always at odds with one another. Aeron is constantly fighting his sexual urges while Olivia keeps provoking him.

To add to the Mix, Legion, Aeron's demon, adopted daughter is so jealous of Olivia so she makes a deal with Lucifer which puts Aeron in a horrible position. Just when he realizes he loves Olivia and wants nobody but her he has to choose between the two women he loves the most! This was such an awesome book! I was drawn from page 1 and could not put it down. The ending was great and it definitely left me excited for the upcoming books. I'm glad that Aeron and Olivia were given a second chance. He's the first Lord to finally have his demon released but in the end we find out that The Demon of Wrath is now in Selina so I cannot wait for that story. How is Paris going to react when he sees Selina again!!!

Here are some other tidbits of this book:

1. Gideon and Scarlet, the Demon of Nightmares, may have been married? The hunters have captured her so now she resides in their prison. I'm eager for this book. They mentioned flower tattoos that they both have and that's it. Oh the anticipation!

2. Olivia stole the Cloak of Invisibility so now the Lords have possession of it.

3. The Unspoken Ones have agreed to give the Paring Rod to whomever, Lords or Hunters, brings them the head of Cronus. This puts the Lords in a bad situation because they work with Cronus and they are on his good side.

4. Galen is still the head of the hunters but it looks like he is working with Rhea, Cronus's wife. Cronus and Rhea do not get along.

5. We find out there is a middle realm for the Lords once they die. Aeron, who was temporarily there, sees Baden he's best friend who was once a Lord and died years before. Also there with him is Pandora and we find out that once Pandora's box is found they could be free from the realm. Aeron promises Baden that he will search for the box to free him.

This is all I remember so far!
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