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Inkspell by Cornelia Funke
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Feb 04, 2010

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At the end of "Inkheart" Dustfinger still hadn't found his way back into the world Mo had read him out of. He desperately wants to go back and finally finds someone, Orpheus, who reads him back into the ink world. But Dustfinger leaves Farid, his apprentice, behind and Farid wants to be with the man he has grown to love like a father. Meggie longs to visit the ink world and is able to read herself and Farid there, leaving behind Mo and Resa, her parents, and her Aunt Elinor. But Mo and Resa soon find out that they cannot escape the ink world as they too are read there.

At 635 pages, and the second part of a planned trilogy, "Inkspell" is truly a work of epic proportions. The length may be a bit off putting for some young readers, but many will be pulled into the fantasy world and will keep reading to find out what happens next. And plenty does happen, "Inkspell" is basically a tale of good versus evil and there are many battles and other excitement along the way.

Meggie is a good, strong character, loving and loyal, if a bit headstrong. Of her parents, Mo is the strongest character, perhaps because Meggie is closer to him than she is to her mother. Readers learn more about Dustfinger and why he is so anxious to return to a world that he knows will be fatal to him. Fenoglio, the author of "Inkheart" (the book within the book) can be annoying at times and by the end I was hoping he would write himself out of the book! Poor Aunt Elinor barely makes a cameo appearance; it's almost as if Cornelia Funke didn't know what to do with her. The villains are all purely evil, especially Basta and the Adderhead. As long as the book is, Funke seems to skip over some of the parts that seem the most interesting, for example, there's much talk about how dangerous Night-Mares are, but they are never shown.

Parents should be aware that there's a great deal of violence in this book. Not only are there wars, but people are shot, stabbed, and burnt and not all survive. "Inkspell" is a great fantasy, but may be a bit upsetting for younger readers.


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