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Watership Down by Richard  Adams
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I had started this before but shelved it for more than EIGHT years! Worth the wait?

Now, without that adolescent sense of awe, I do not share Donnie Darko's fascination with it (though Joy Division for sure will never go out of style). Yes, because I associate it with my formative (hellish) years, I think I made a bigger deal about getting through this than I should have.

In reality, it is actually a sorta Tolkienesque experiment personifying rabbits. As a reader you feel for the critters & their warren seems like an example of true asexual intimacy.

But what does it all mean? The Epic Elements are all there: heroes, damsels in distress, super villains, even (gasp!) THE deus ex machina. Its enjoyable, but leaves a residual & enormous SO WHAT? for the reader to contend with, bottom line. The personalities are underdeveloped yet no one can deny that this is not a work without a personality all its own. & creativity it lacks not.
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message 1: by Liana (new)

Liana This book will always remind me of a certain someone.

Melissa It doesn't "personify" rabbits. What's so great about this book is that it lets rabbits act like rabbits actually do. All it does to "personify" them is give them speech. In fact, when some rabbits in the warren with the snares are acting unnaturally, by letting themselves be fed (and sometimes snared) by humans, and they begin to indulge in leisure activities such as something akin to poetry and art (pushing "shapes" into the wall of the warren with rocks), the traveling rabbits, and Fiver in particular, find this to be disturbing, because they are behaving as humans do.

Fabian I guess I meant that the relationships are human and their wants are human, too. Rabbits poop and linger--they don't venture nor deserve as much importance as Adams bestows upon them. Because they are humanesque, the novel is readable and actually enjoyable. Otherwise, its Discovery Channel fare.

Melissa You don't know bunnies very well! They have desires, they're playful, they have a range of emotions. I assure you! As a person with much experience with house rabbits.

Judy 1,2,3,4,5,infinity!

message 6: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah I tried to read this last year. I tried really, really hard. I gave up about 70% through I think because I just couldn't anymore.

Fabian Sarah wrote: "I tried to read this last year. I tried really, really hard. I gave up about 70% through I think because I just couldn't anymore."

Yeah. Not a great book in the least

Eric and a review’s penultimate can have fewer multiple negatives, but if that’s “how you roll”...

Eric erm, penultimate clause.

La La I read this in college and loved it. Should I re-read it?

message 11: by Eric (new) - rated it 4 stars

Eric also, "its Discovery Channel fare" what? That's a clause, not a sentence.

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