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Incantation by Alice Hoffman
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Feb 03, 2010

really liked it

So far this is a good book. I enjoy its interesting display of spain over around century ago and find its display of events well balanced by the personification of the books characters giving them emotion, comparable lives, and social situations similar to ours today.

In the amount I have read so far the main character has to deal with a strict family, boy troubles, and racism in her time. Sound familiar? Her friend has a no-contract unwritten arranged marriage with her cousin who has moved in with her family. Unfortunately the main character nicknamed "Raven" falls in love with him head over heels. She begins lying to her friend about her feelings and spirals downwards into lies. In her village jewish people are marked with circles and are seperated from the muslims and catholics. The villages soldiers are also notorious book burners burning any magic or jewish books in the village. Ravens feelings towards this are negative as she believe that if they are your books they should not be burned and that it is unjust to do so. Amongst these issues her grandmother is rude and strict to her treating her as though nothing she does is right and that she is wrong. Her grandmothers constant dissaproval is ruining her self esteem evidently and when reading the book you develop a feeling of empathy for her as all of us have people who treat us as imperfect wrecks unfortunately.

Apolagies for the belatedness.

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