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Feb 01, 2010

did not like it
Recommended to N. Griffin-lloyd by: My mom
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Total rubbish. It reads as though it were written by either someone with multiple personalities or by a committee. So many inconsistencies, not just spanning the volume, but I could find different versions of the same story just pages apart. While it's billed as a historical document, there are so many things in here that just don't have any evidence and are physically impossible. It's also marketed as a moral guide, but there are so many messed up things in here (genocide, anyone?) you'd be MUCH better reading something by Marcus Aurelius. It doesn't improve if you read it as if it were a fantasy novel. So many implausible things happen that it's just so difficult to take seriously. A large part of it isn't even based on this main "god" character, it's just the opinions about this one guy who never even met god or jesus (I can't keep track). If you read it, I would avoid most of the last part of it completely, as it just sounds like an opinionated jerk who doesn't like women mixed with his acid trips.

After I read it the first time, I thought maybe I missed something and went back and read it a few more times over the years, and it doesn't get any less confusing or bad.

Can't believe I wasted my time with it.
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Dianne Margaret It IS written by many authors because it is a collection of books. How very convenient of you to convey your ignorance. First two sentences pa lang, rubbish na.LOL

message 2: by Wayne (new)

Wayne It seems like you had an opion before you read. The Bible, being a Spiritual book< has to be believed before you can recieve the relelations it holds. Seeing not believing as the world thinks, it's believing is seeing.

message 3: by Michelle (new)

Michelle I am very sorry you feel that way. The Bible is hard to understand when your mind is closed off to God. I will be praying for you, and one day when you are ready you will be able to read and understand the Bible. It may help to pray first for God to help you understand and reveal His word to your heart.

message 4: by Bret (new) - added it

Bret Walker It seems your opinion is based on the BIBLE itself, and not this particular Bible, which is a study Bible (and an excellent one at that, IMO).

Chasity S. Obviously you didn't know when you read it that it's by several different authors and definately had a bad opinion about it before you even read it. Personally, I think THE KJV BIBLE IS THE BECK BOOK IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

Toni I will keep you in my prayers. I know that Jesus loves you, I hope you realize that soon. Keep reading and ask God for the wisdom to understand His word.

message 7: by Steven (new)

Steven K nobody reads a rubbish twice.

message 8: by Gary (new)

Gary Beach Apparently an Atheist hates this Book who would have guessed??? I hate reading about Athieism, think I will go review a few on the subject LOL. How moronic and immature does a person get??

message 9: by Gary (new)

Gary Beach He is an Atheist who I would bet didn't even read this book one time. He gets his opinions from popular fake news websites along with the Trump and has no clue about what he is reviewing. He thinks a review of the writing of the study material is a sounding board for his opinions who no one else will bother to listen to. Its his way of getting attention when no one will listen.

message 10: by Gary (new)

Gary Beach I have good friends who are artists, but they do not feel a need for attention so badly they do these things LOL

message 11: by William (new)

William Epps The Bible is not for everyone. Some people get it and others don't. If a person reads the first 3 chapters of Genisis with an open mind- and the diligence to cross-reference some verses and research the original Hebrew words of other verses- his or her world view will instantly change... and drastically​!
I take Genesis literally and, consequently, I no longer believe in outer space, a spinning and spherical Earth or a giant, super distant sun.

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