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The Supremacy of God in Preaching by John Piper
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Jan 31, 2010

really liked it

Pastor and author John Piper, in his book The Supremacy of God in Preaching, gives gives an excellent summary of why we need to know God as preachers and gives encouragement to preach the fullness of God from the pulpit. The book is comprised of two parts. The first is about “why God should be supreme in teaching,” and the second is “how to make God supreme in preaching.”1 In the second part he goes through the life and ministry of Jonathan Edwards and applies his work to today’s preaching.

I cannot recommend this book enough. This was my second time reading it this year and it brought both conviction and encouragement to my heart. I realized as I was reading how much I need Christ, especially as a pastor (and especially in seminary!). The motivation for why God should be supreme is a simple yet powerful writing on the Trinity and how each part is involved in God’s supremacy. The second half really made me long to know God like both John and Jonathan Edwards, and that God must come first in both life and preaching.

The first and most simple application I will walk away with from this book is a renewed passion to spend more time in prayer and reading the Bible. I have gotten away from these means of grace and John really spoke to my heart and the importance of this, first and foremost. I also need to be more serious about life and death, heaven and hell, and the reality of these things each day. I realized that I often take life for granted. I need to love, preach, and share the good news knowing that there is a reality of hell for many but also the great reality of Christ’s redemption of this world.

Best Quote
“Is this what people take away from worship nowadays—a sense of God, a note of sovereign grace, a theme of panoramic glory, the grand object of God infinite Being? Do they enter for one hour in the week—not an excessive expectation—into an atmosphere of the holiness of God which leaves its aroma upon their lives all week long?” (Page 22)

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