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And so..if this is what some readers term as 'dark content' they will think I'm completely certifiable for rating it as nose-picking material.

I'm always seeking to expand my kinky horizons..but there was no opportunity for growth here.

The first 25% is stereotypical POS-female-mewling-sobbing character fretting over being the only designated female servicing port for these very high-strung, hand-chapped men at this apocalyptic encampment. But what do you know! Alas..she lucks out and conveniently only ends up having to service one (1) really nice dude named John (ohh..that's soooo violent and dark..I was shivering). -.-

And he's a complete and utter gentleman. A. Really. Nice. Guy. And so..(yawn)..excuse me..John is soo f'ing nice he soothes her into her very first orgasm. That's. Nice.

M/M: The first docile 'dark' m/m action isn't until about 27% into the story and it starts out in the apocalyptic camp after lights out when all the men are tucked in their bunks/beds. Two guys (best-buds of course), one is decided homosexual and the other is het/undecided but on the GFY-Fast-Track-Course. And they're doing the usual predictable under-covers-after-dark-routine of cautious-furtive touching, shudders, progressing to cooking-oil copulation bliss..until surprise!! Look out! We have the usual dooms-day disaster homophobe squad of Tom-Dick-&-Harry dropping in for a good-old-fashioned gay-bash-multi-POS-sodomizing-tea-&-crumpet visit.

But it's All. Off. Page. Every violating word of it. Ahem.

So-I took my irritated ass off-page too..unfinished at page 174.
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message 1: by Kat (new) - added it

Kat Darn this. I had such high hopes for this book in terms of fuckedupness. Have you read other Krylov's as well?

message 2: by Smith (new) - added it

Smith Barney Loederkoningin (Loco) wrote: "Darn this. I had such high hopes for this book in terms of fuckedupness. Have you read other Krylov's as well?"

No. This was my first and last Krylov and exactly why I don't read m/f anymore. And you'd think I'd get a clue and give up my search for the triple deckers-m/m/f because my expectations might be impossible. But I'm a f'ing optimistic masochist and keep going back for more.

message 3: by Vivian (new) - added it

Vivian Nice recommendation line.

message 4: by Smith (new) - added it

Smith Barney Vivian wrote: "Nice recommendation line."

It was the only thing I could think of that explained all of the overrated reviews.

message 5: by Dee (last edited Nov 29, 2014 05:17PM) (new) - added it

Dee I just DNF'd this one too. I couldn't get into the narration. "The girl ran through the forest", "the girl appeared to be frightened."

How do you describe that, it's not first or third person, it was like an outside looking in and 'telling' the reader what was happening. I wanted to be able to see and feel what was happening.

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