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Open Letter to Quiet Light by Francesca Lia Block
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Jan 28, 2010

it was ok

Crap. Now I have to rate this. Let's start at the beginning with my, "Francesca Block poetry? Oh yeah! Oh yeah!!" comment. Her poetry is beautiful. I assume the relationship in the poems was a true story because it seems too real not to be.

I don't regret buying this at all but I am a bit disappointed in her.
Pretty much all of the poems lack commas or periods which can sometimes get confusing though it's makes for an interesting writing style.

I read romance, okay? I read a lot of romance, it is my favourite genre. But even I was surprised that pretty much 90% of these poems have a climax in them. She writes it beautifuly, she really does, but it got a little repetitive after awhile. I thought FB could've used a bit more finesse but afterall she is not an erotica writer with all their weird metaphors.
You could tell the relationship was not going to work out. Probably the reason that there were so many poems about sex was because that was pretty much entirely what the relationship was based on. She was so in love with him and he couldn't even look her in the face when they had sex. He was hung up on his younger ex-wife...etc.etc.etc.

A look inside Francesca Block's head. Yeah! Still can't stop saying it. I loved her imagery, her atmosphere. *sigh*

There were about 4 poems I loved, 7 poems that were ..., and the rest were just good. The ending was the most disappointing part of this book. Pretty much one confusing (to me) poem says that she is sad because he left, and then comes the last poem of the book. A letter to Quiet light (the meaning of his name) from Free (the meaning of her name). I felt that I should be sadder at the end than I was but it happened too quickly and I wish we were given a bit more insight into the relationship outside the bedroom (if there was one). I feel as if FB might have just not wanted to share all the depressing poetry she wrote after the breakup and just gave us something hopeful to end it all with, but it didn't really work. I was left wanting way more.

I sort of felt this connection to FB when it was all over. She is a great writer. I think the fact that this was a real relationship might have clouded her thinking on how to write it a little and make it satisfying to her readers. There is beautiful imagery and the to be expected FB atmosphere. It's a tad repetitive. I think she could've really given the book more than she did...

I was skeptical at the beginning whether a relationship could really be described using poetry and I'm still not really sure if FB succeeded or not.

Anyway if you are an FB fan you'll probably enjoy this.

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