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Frindle by Andrew Clements
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Year Published: 1996
Awards: (taken from Andrew Clements webpage)
1997 Christopher Award
Rhode Island Children's Book Award 1998
Judy Lopez Memorial Honor Book (L.A.)Award 97
Great Stone Face Book Award (NH)1997-1998
Rebecca Caudill Young Readers Award (IL)1999
Massachusetts Children's Book Award 1998-1999
William Allen White Children's Book Award (KS)1998-1999
Georgia Children's Book Award, 1998-1999
1998-99 Maud Hart Lovelace Award, MN Youth Rdg. Award
Sasquatch Children's Book Award (WA) 1999
1999 South Dakota Prairie Pasque Award
Charlie May Simon Children's Book Award, (AR)1998-99
Premio Cassa di Risparmio di Cento di Letteratura per Ragazzi, 1998, Cento, Italy
1998-99 Nevada Young Readers'Award
1998-99 North Carolina Children's Choice Award
Pacific NW Lib.Assn.- Young Reader's Choice 1999 (WA,OR,MT,AK,ID,AB,BC)
1999 Texas Children's Crown Award
Young Hoosier Book Award (IN) 1998-99
1998-99 Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Award, 4-6
Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award 1999-2000
Utah Children's Choice Award, 2000

Reading Level: 8-12 year olds

Frindle is the ultimate realistic fiction book. This is one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors. Since I teach 4th grade, I am always recommending Andrew Clements' books to my students. This book won the 1997 Christopher Award which is the award I am doing my research on. This story actually teaches a lesson in patience and understanding although the character of Nick Allen does not understand this until he is much older. This book made me think of all those former teachers I had and maybe I did not understand them when I was younger, but now appreciate some things they were trying to teach me as an 9 or 10 year old kid. Andrew Clements weaves his story through a year of one child who appears to be a trouble maker. As the story progresses, with Nick creating a new word and challenging his teacher, Ms. Granger on whether he should be able to do this, he learns a lesson along the way. He did not back down or give up and Ms. Granger knew what the outcome would be, but her fighting him along the way only made the issue grow and grow. This produced something that Nick never thought was possible. You must read to find out because I do not want to give it all away!
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message 1: by Mallory (new)

Mallory I enjoyed reading your review of Frindle, as it is also one of my favorite Clements books. When I taught third grade, I used this book as part of a creative writing unit where the students were able to write an assignment using Nick's idea of renaming a preexisting object. Not only did the students have a lot of fun with the assignment, but it gave them a love of this book. I think that one aspect of the book that makes it a kids' favorite is the idea that it is easy for new ideas to catch on and spread. Today this is often the case with slang and catch phrases that are popular with today's youth. It allows the students to feel that they have the power to change the way people think and express themselves.

zabarj It is the ultimate realistic fiction book! I, too, read this book aloud to my students. By the end of the story, students are asking me if they can invent a new word for the dictionary and my answer is: "If Nick Allen could do it, so can you." It sends a message of anything is possible.

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