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Dial L for Loser by Lisi Harrison
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Jan 28, 2010

it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** OMG, this was the best & most dramatic-est book out of the whole series. There is such a huge change from the beginning to the end of the book & everyone learns a lesson. I really enjoyed reading this book. It starts off with an audition to the movie that they have received because Dylan's mom is the host of the show 'The Daily Grind' & while they were at the live show there were two actresses on stage who were meant to be in their upcoming movie 'Dial L for Loser' but that gets twisted up & one of those guests (Hayley) quits which leaves Abby only so they need girls to audition for the part. Lucky as can be, Massie, Claire & Alicia were picked to audition. (Sucks for Dylan! They in fact didn't want her there & Kristen simply couldn't make it after they got kicked out of OCD.) I think that Massie should feel grateful that she even got lucky to go to Hollywood, i think? To actually audition for the part. When she doesn't get it & Claire does the drama begins. Claire tends to rub it in which gets Massie even more pissed & just plans to ruin her life & totally ditch her to come back home but that changes also. If Massie was really Claire's friend wouldn't she congratulate her not trash her even more. I guess even Massie can't ALWAYS get her way. While Claire films the movie, there is so much drama that goes on. Claire is usually with Cam right now but in the movie theres also Conner, Conner Folley & He has the same initials as Cam, Cam fisher so there's a little screw-up in between & it really tears up Claire towards the end. To wrap it up, there becomes to HUGE press war between Massie & Claire, but since Claire has secondary sources & people by celebrities she met during the movie that ends a little mushy. In the end, they both learn that they shouldn't have treated eachother like they have, after all they're friends right? Sometimes, i WONDER if Massie & Claire are friends. After so much trouble they go through, it's really Claire that has no options left but to go running back to Massie. Really enjoyed the book, it's pretty intense rather than the other books. I LOVE THIS SERIES!~ ^^ huhuhu~ I recommend it to all my friends that are girls, if you're a guy you'll probably end up not really liking it at all. Sorry guys, it's more of a chick book. LOL. (:

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38.06% "Loving the suspense so far. (;"
05/01/2010 page 156
58.21% "Uh-Oh, Massie didn't get the part but Claire did & now she's being treated like trash. I guess the queen can't get EVERYTHING now can she?(;" 1 comment
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80.6% "huhuhu~ It's a press war between Massie & Claire. Sounds exciting. (;<"

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