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The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel
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it was amazing

This is a great book. Strobel provides scientific evidence for Intelligent Design. The book is laid out well. It begins with evidence refuting Darwinian evolution and naturalism, showing how and why what we were taught in school was wrong. And he does so from a scientific standpoint. In my opinion, Darwinian evolution is fundamentally and obviously flawed so that most people with an open mind would refute it. For those who aren't sure, Strobel provides the answers in his chapter, "Doubts about Darwinism."

The book then shows why Design is the best scientific option. Strobel includes chapters on cosmology, physics, astronomy, bio-chemistry, biology, consciousness, so the evidence is well-rounded and from a broad spectrum of sources. The book ends with a cumulative look at all of these factors and what the data imply.

This book is a must for those interested in the evolution vs. Design debate. Folks who have a high regard for science should definitely check it out. People who are interested in the intersection of faith and science should also read it. Even those who are not particularly interested in science for its own sake should read it if they think they will encounter scientifically-minded people in the course of evangelism/apologetics (and they will meet this type of person).

Strobel not only has the information, he packages it well. The book is laid out in an investigative journalistic style that is interesting to read. Books about science tend to be boring, but this is not a fault of this text. I got slightly bogged down once or twice, but it was a passing twinge. Because the book is rather like a survey, it never really bogged down as a new topic is always on the horizon. Also, survey-style material does not go massively in-depth, so the reader, if he finds a section he doesn't like or in which he is not interested, can move on to a fresh segment. Strobel uses headings and sub-headings that allow the reader to find information readily.

Strobel is not overly auto-biographic, but he does include a brief description of his journey from acidic atheism to Christianity. This serves to make the book more approachable as the reader has a better feel for the author and his purposes.

Some Christians fault the book for not being sufficiently evangelical, meaning it does not proclaim the gospel adequately. I would argue that this is not the purpose of such a book. Proving Intelligent Design indicates there is a Creator but does not identify that Creator specifically. Strobel believes it is the Christian God, and I agree with him. This book is a stepping stone toward God, but is not meant to positively identify God as the Creator. There is an appendix, though, that does identify God and even Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

I think pretty much everyone should read this book. Westerners, especially, are regularly subjected to scientific thought. Wherever the individual falls in regard to faith and science, this book is going to address questions and concerns pertaining to that position. Strobel has sold me in regard to both his arguments and his methodology. I look forward to reading his other books.
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