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The Seven Rays by Jessica Bendinger
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Jan 27, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: 2000s, fantasy, young-adult, pulse-it, characters-i-wanna-shoot, its-a-girl, read-2010, medium-sized, suckfest, e-book
Recommended for: people who want their face perpetually frozen in a grimace

I stumbled across a free copy of this book online, and with the gorgeous cover and intriguing premise, I dove into it right away. Oh, how I wish I looked at the Goodreads ratings first.

I should give anyone reading this a warning. I will be ranting. A lot.

Firts off, this was the weirdest, most ridiculous, juvenile, annoying book I've read in a long time. And the most painful thing is that it could have been great. It really could have. Underneath the mess of a plot were some good, orginal ideas. Unfortunatley, several things ruined it.

Let's start with the narrator. Beth is supposed to be smart. She is a seventeen year old senior finishing high school early and taking college courses. Instead of a sophisticated young lady, we get a narrator who is fond of bathroom humor and nonsensical slang. Seriously, she is constantly talking about bodily functions, and refers to her name as Pee Poo. She'll be in a dire situation and be all "Oh, yeah. My name is Pee Poo." Her slang isn't cool or hip, but something a twelve year would be embarrassed to say. She refers to her visions as "grooze" or "feelsees", and uses them casually in conversation as if anyone can tell what the hell she is talking about. She is not witty either, just very cheesy. Beth devotes the same amount of energy to worrying about body odor as she does in life-threatening situations. I just cannot believe some of the stuff the author wrote. My eyes were in constant eye-rolling motion.

Then there is the romance between Beth and Richie aka Hot Guy. Who is Richie you may ask? Richie is the attractive older guy who suddenly falls for our narrator after spending five minutes with her for no apparent reason at all. Other than that, I have no idea who he is. I have no other physical description of him other than that he is hot, and his only personality trait is that he is "sweet". I know he has a younger sex-obsessed brother and an alcoholic mother, but these concepts were just pushed aside in order for Beth and Richie to have more "omg we can't make-out or else risk electrocution" time.

Other than that, it was just flat out weird and weirdly written. I have no problem strange if it is at least written well, but this is not the case. Bendinger would rely far too much on the visual, assuming her readers know what the hell is going on. She might as well have been describing a keleidoscope. She would often clump up the supernatural. Some parts would be devoid as so much as a "feelsee", then others were just leadened with it. The ending was rushed, but nothing was resolved anyway.

I'm not sure whether this book is a result of an author trying too hard to be trendy, or an author having a good idea lazily executed. I just pretty much hated it the entire way. My lip was constantly curled in a snarl. You might be asking why I bothered to finish it then. Once I have an answer I shall get back to you.

I will not be reading the sequel.

Oh, and one more thing. Song-gasms. WTF!?
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Kristi so glad to know that i was not the only to feel this way

message 8: by Att (new) - added it

Att agreed. also, how about an explanation as to why Beth's mom is so against the 7RI? and why she claims she rescued Beth from then, then goes comepletely over the top as to set fire to all her daughter's belongings when she raised Beth for 18 years but claims to be done with her now, WHY? or how about how her mother even knew about the 7RI when she supposedly adopted Beth out of foster care? ...a little information about the other "rays" lives wouldve been helpful too and maybe made it less confusing. OR why this nun named Mary is disliked among some of the "rays".. kind of makes the reader get a bad vibe from her. sketchy nun. i could continue my rant but i'll spare you.

Morgan F My entire review was a rant so I understand.

Victoria This is weird but now I really wanna read it just to see how bad this really is. Would you mind telling me where it was that you read it online?

Morgan F Oh, it was from a program called Pulse It from Simon & Schuster. But this book isn't available anymore, since each title only has a limited run.

Sinai C. I happened to really like this book though you do make good points! Like, I agree with you on them and they were honestly really fun to read. Good review, though I'm sorry you didn't like the book. I like casual writing but i agree--Pee Poo was just...*fail* :)

message 3: by Sophi (new)

Sophi Glad I wasn't the only one. I didn't read the Goodreads reviews till after either. Never again.

Karen far I am enjoying it. altho I do agree with some of the things in the review...

message 1: by Anie (new) - rated it 1 star

Anie I was thirty pages in and getting frustrated with her stupid internal commentary with slang that wasn't even cool ten years ago. I came here to see if it gets better, apparently it does not. So thanks for stopping me from finishing it!

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