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Mommy Tracked by Whitney Gaskell
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Jan 27, 2010

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Read from January 27 to February 01, 2010

When I first began this book on CD I was immediately unimpressed. First off, I don't like the narrator. She speaks in a harsh, snippy tone and overannunciates each word to the point that she becomes really annoying. I eventually managed to overlook her voice, however, in light of the plot becoming more interesting.

The plot follows four mothers who meet through a Mothers Coming Together group, which seems to meet once a month. At first I could not say anything good about the characters. Chapter one introduces Anna — the divorced single mother of a two-year-old, who married her ex-husband onlyl because she got pregnant, and who now hates him because he's a deadbeat who can't keep his promises; chapter two moves on to Grace — the "fat one" of the group, who compares herself to every other woman she meets with an inner dialog recording who is "thinner than me" and who feels substandard to all the other mothers in the group because she is "just" a stay-at-home mother of three little girls. Chapter three depicts Juliet, the workaholic mother of twins who wants to make partner in her law firm at the expense of her family, who is crushing on her boss, and whose stay-at-home husband thinks she is missing all the firsts in their daughters' lives.

By the time that I reached chapter four I had really had enough of all the stereotypes I had thus far encountered. None of those characters seemed at all inspiring; I could not relate to any of them, and all seemed so bitter and depressing that they made me once again reconsider my plans of ever having children. Then I met Chloe, the kleptomaniac and by far the most interesting character in the book. Chloe, a freelancing mother-to-be, was new to the mommy group and new to their south Florida town. She is the character I most think I will be like if I ever do have children. Because of her, when disk three acted up on me and I thought about moving on to a different book in its place, I decided to just skip disk three and keep on listening.

As for the writing, I think it's pretty good. It's difficult to tell for sure, since I don't like the narrator, but the text seems to be fine. There are parts that made me laugh out loud and the story is witty enough, about four completely different women who learn from each other in the end and find happiness with what they had all along but needed to realize and appreciate for themselves. I gave the book three stars because it wasn't great — just OK. There are a couple funny moments, but mostly the book is just sort of depressing. I don't recommend it.

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