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Dream Warrior by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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There is nothing strictly wrong with this book to make me want to give it one less star than the usual DH, other than the fact that I felt like I read it before.

There isn't much of a plot going on here, either. It's basically about the Oneroi fighting off some random baddie I'd never heard of before. I was a little lost, but I didn't mind. There are always so many characters in each book, so I'm pretty much always a little lost.

Characters: Delphine was...okay, at first I thought she was sort of cowardly and pathetic, but by the end she really grew and became a strong, likable woman. I would not want to cross her, that's for sure. You could really tell she cared a lot for Jericho. One little thing that bothered me about her was: when Jericho was dying, she basically says, "Don't die because I won't be able to handle the grief." And that just struck me as a little bit selfish. But I liked her endearments for him, because I think he really needed them, after going so long without love. And when she called him "My Jericho" and he melted, I melted.
Jericho was a really interesting character for me. He started off pretty unlikable, as this god who was basically Zeus' lap dog, who did all of Zeus' dirty work and had no mercy. But once he meets Delphine, he starts to change, become more caring. It's not so corny that he all of a sudden loves everyone and wants to be a big hero, but he does start to learn to trust people. He was this tough, scary dude, and yet he was oddly sensitive. He was also funny, which is always a plus for me.

I also liked seeing more of Jaden. I'd never read about Jared before, but I found him very interesting and I want to see more of him and I really want to know what the deal is between Jaden and Jared--especially since I've always been intrigued by Jaden.

We get to see Ash and Tori and also Zarek and Astrid, which made me happy. I love Zarek, and he and Jericho were so funny together. I also liked how Jericho slowly began to rebuild friendships with some of the Oneroi that he'd blamed for his years of punishment.

The ending was nice, too. Family reuinion and all, even though I'm a bit confused as to how Jericho is going to live as Zeus' servent. Did I miss something? I sure hope so.

Anyway, three stars because this book just felt like every other of the recent books in the series. It doesn't stand out like some of them. This one reminded me a little of Sin and Kat's book.

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